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Saturday Horoscope November 26

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 You could be seen by others as just the person to be put in charge of some project requiring a conservative mind. Work is intense today--there is a rush to complete projects. It is important to take your breaks and get some fresh air. This afternoon the focus could be on a change of residence for you or for a friend of yours. This is a good time to consolidate and organize your private affairs. General good feelings and a sense of support and harmony make this a happy time. Take time later this afternoon for relaxation and to also examine what is important and of lasting value in your life--an appreciative attitude. Friends or relatives give you a lot to ponder--this is a period of great mental activity and heightened communication with others.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 Perhaps this is a time to think and study, for you have a real appreciation for ideas and thoughts. You may find yourself enjoying a long conversation with co-workers or higher-ups today. Progress is inevitable and now is time to fit progress into your professional life. This could mean new equipment, adjustment to a new environment or scheduling of a new time schedule. There are sudden insights and breakthroughs regarding these new changes. There is also the possibility of new visions or sudden insights into your self-image or into your ideals and dreams--your imagination is at full tilt. Your home environment, friends and surroundings in general get attention and receive encouragement. A wish comes true this evening.

Aries  March 21-April 19 There is an instinctive imperative to be powerful and in control--pulling the strings. You may think you are in charge, but others have their own ideas and need your listening ear. This may lead to greater interest or experience in healing and investing and in the great mysteries of life and death. You may be reminded of a few responsibilities you previously volunteered to do for today--at work or home. This is a good time to get down to basics and take care of these responsibilities as well as some of your own business, previously postponed. A meeting with someone older is at hand this afternoon. With a listening and patient attitude, satisfactory agreements can be found. You could find that you are very much appreciated.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 While you may be using your analytical abilities today at work, you will also become involved in conversations about the winter seasonal activities ahead. A plethora of subjects, however, could interest you now. This could include law, politics, education, travel or religion. This afternoon you may find yourself being put to good use by your friends, or it could be that circumstances force you to reorganize and become more conservative. You may find yourself involved in a neighborhood meeting. Perhaps it is time to think about recycling, decorating or helping to clean up the neighborhood. You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others. Allow the pieces of your life to fall into place in an orderly fashion.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 In the workplace, self-discipline and a sense of self-worth become important issues in your life as a new phase begins. A fear of asserting yourself can hold you back--as can coming on too strong. Attention to matters of health may come to your attention--perhaps you have plans to help the cook or to cook less fatty foods this season. This is a good time to begin an exercise program--perhaps early morning walks are in order. Today, someone new may come into your living situation or surroundings. This could be a birth or the agreement to have someone in your home for a while. You could discover a student or a young person opening up to you now. Later tonight, you dispense with some of the unessential and develop the basics for your environment.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 You are expressive and outgoing when it comes to your feelings and emotions--you wear your heart on your sleeve. You could successfully work with the arts and theater, in sports, or with the ultimate self-expression: children. Teaching, other than your own professional work, may be where you find yourself today. This could be as a tutor or a private teacher. Creativity and time to create are important to you. You may find yourself leaving things undone around your living area so that you can complete a craft or art project. This is also where you may find yourself teaching. Your attention may be focused on animals this afternoon. Besides your love of music, religion, drama, art or poetry and animals, your day can become rather full. You are satisfied.

Leo  July 23-August 22 This is a good time for clear deliberation and problem solving. You are in a serious frame of mind and find yourself dealing with matters of much concern and responsibility. This may mean that you will find new ways to clear away old debts or perhaps you find yourself tending to the needs of an elderly person in your family. You may be very persuasive--making clear decisions. Your whole base of knowledge and experience could be changing--your mind and your belief system. This afternoon is a good time to spend with a peer or loved one. Emotions are up and you may even find yourself pondering a bit on the meaning of life. You feel at one with your situation. Music, literature and romance are available this evening.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 This year holds plenty of opportunities for you to expand your financial and personal horizons. Your patience could be tested to the limits, however. Sorting things out and getting organized to the utmost efficiency keeps you busy. You find yourself in a very practical mood and working with, instead of against yourself. A friend in need or something you believe in that will suffer from a lack of your support may come to your attention before noon. You may be called upon to lend a helping hand. In helping someone else, you may find new ways to make your own dreams come true. This afternoon is a good time to reflect upon your own situation: just how you feel about yourself. You may wish to join your friends or family in some fun activities tonight.

Libra  September 23-October 23 You will learn something new from a mentor today. Take your time and study what is presented. You have some valuable information to assimilate. A young person may need lessons in managing his or her money and you are quick to respond with a plan. You could find yourself teaching several young people about handling money. Careful, do not become too carried away--they will learn about government economy soon enough. This is a great time of the year to plan time with friends and loved ones. Games and some sort of sports participation would not be an unusual activity for the group that gathers this afternoon. You are very competitive--even pushy--when it comes to partners and other people. This evening you spend time nurturing a friendship.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 You possess, at the core, an intensity that burns through superficialities, searching for opportunities to face the truth and rendering the events to view. This ceaseless analytical activity, while central to your nature, may be a source of discomfort to others. This is where you may decide to help others in some way. You are sensitive to others and you know the difference between prying and advising. Conversations with distressed individuals will be encouraged by your positive insights. You enjoy the light-bulb effect that long talks promote. On the whole, this can be a great opportunity to widen the scope of understanding. Psychic worldviews and impressions from others are what fill your day. You enjoy sharing a new dessert recipe tonight.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You may appear very at ease this morning. Everything seems to be working together and you may find yourself expressive and able to communicate well. Interactive conversations find you at your mental best. Your analytical abilities are at a high point. This afternoon you could find yourself in hobby stores buying parts, games or an addition to your favorite pastime. Before you begin to play with those hobbies of yours, clean out or put away some of your collections that do not currently serve a purpose. Some young person may enjoy the items you no longer use. Friends may visit this evening and you could find yourself involved in the old, pick-things-up-before-others-see routine. Do consider a garage sale or a contribution to a thrift store.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 This is not the best time for career or vocational decisions. Problems, however, are valued for the lesson(s) you can learn. You do not mind being slowed from your work in order to learn something new. You love your friends, keeping in touch, catching up on their lives, etc. Family, home and the other roots in your life, give you a sense of mission at this time. There is growth and gain through these things. Being appreciated and admired for your gifts and talents are powerful needs. Taking chances can bring big rewards. There are many opportunities for self-expression and others are interested in your particular ideas and thoughts. A good conversation with those you love is possible. This is generally a fruitful period for real estate investments.