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Wednesday Zodiac October 5

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 You tend to be radical when it comes to self-analysis, which includes health care, food and physical well-being. Serving and caring for yourself and others is a primary source of inner growth and change. You are sensitive to criticism. Today, at work, you may have to make some adjustments--someone could be in a criticizing mood. Decide to make whatever changes you need and then move forward. This evening a loved one or friend is receptive and will listen to your words. You love social life and relationships of all kinds--partners, marriages, teachers and such. You are very responsive yourself and value this in others. You do not play favorites and are quite impersonal when it comes to your responsibilities. Young people learn from you.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 This is a high-energy day where many doors of opportunity are opened and many unfinished projects can be completed. When you least expect it, there will be a little boost, some sort of extra support or recognition from those around you. You may feel that you are in touch with others and everything is working in your favor. The support you need is available. You develop a knack for organizing things and people as a sense of ambition and practicality takes hold. Work, achievement and ambition are the things that mean a lot to you. Take a little trip, or get outside during the day. You may want to break your routine. This will take you away from the stress and help you to regain a focus. Be more involved in recreational activities each evening.

Aries  March 21-April 19 Your positive outlook is catching! Your intuitive powers are strong toward making things work in your favor. This is a good time to ask for a raise. Your ideas are very well-received at this time. Your enthusiasm is strong and can win the support of a valuable ally. There are upcoming opportunities to meet your special love this week. Those of you that have experienced problems in your love relationship will find answers this week. A deepening and more concrete foundation is in the works. Find ways that you can appreciate just who you are and what you are doing with your life now. The happier you are with your life and your accomplishments, the happier the people around you will become. Give careful attention to the everyday relationships now.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 The energies are right today for team effort. People just want to add their energy to a project . . . everybody wants to be included! It is easy for you to make correct decisions. Problems seem manageable and easy to solve. Even though the intensity of this period diminishes fairly soon, you will continue to feel that easy manner you have now, throughout the rest of this year. Exercise or some team sports competition may not go as well as you expected this afternoon. You may feel that you are not able to hold up to the stamina that is required of you just now. Set reasonable fitness goals and concentrate on releasing tension and stretching. A good conversation with those you love is possible this evening. This is a satisfying day.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 You might feel that some avenues of support have been cut off or blocked today. This is a temporary situation, so stay to yourself as much as possible for the duration of the morning. Do not pick out that new car today because your sense of value may be stressed. Although you shy away from challenges, you cannot escape facing a few of them. Challenges are what help us grow and learn about ourselves. Challenges also help to improve our problem solving skills. You may be called on to do some community work this evening--this is a positive move, take advantage of the opportunity. Your intuitive and psychic abilities are enhanced at this time--you may find it easier to understand a loved one just now.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 Vacation time will be the most comfortable if taken or begun today. It is possible that you will be traveling in order to tend to business. Who owes what, who owns what and who decides these things are some of the major issues for you now. Understanding inner motivations and seeing through to the core is your real path of power. You may find that you can really use your mind to think through things and make clear choices. Career decisions are straightforward. You make your way through ideas, concepts and your ability to communicate and express them to others. Make this evening a time of relaxation--a massage could be quite enjoyable. Pay attention to community activities where you could volunteer your creative talents.

Leo  July 23-August 22 You may find it an easy effort to obtain a loan today. You could be most persuasive with others. You are in a good position to communicate and could even be lecturing or teaching today. There are all sorts of opportunities for you to express yourself--you may see many areas of your life improve now. Obtaining and exchanging information takes on more emotional significance for you. Being more involved with neighbors or siblings this evening satisfies a deep emotional need. Communicating feelings becomes most important now and it seems your patience over the last few days has paid off--others are listening. A good conversation with a loved one is possible this evening. If you are not married, plans can now be arranged for the ceremony.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 If professional advice is needed, today is the most productive time to seek advice. You could find a teacher or guide, a new approach to your career, etc. Career insights and breakthroughs are possible. Your ambition is intensified. You might discover that exceptional solutions to life's problems or new directions and paths are in order. Emotional seriousness, a sober orientation and a practical awareness of the nature of time are all keynotes of your mind-set. There is a tendency to be too strict with yourself and to insist that whatever does not contribute to security and other long-term goals is trivial. Your inner resources and emotions are accented. Expect a sense of support and good will from those around you. Relax this evening--exercise, etc.

Libra  September 23-October 23 Today brings with it opportunities to understand and heal most any situation. You help to change attitudes and bring new goals into focus. The energies are working with you to bring about a balance in any area you feel needs your attention. The ultimate answers are unavailable to the strictly secular or rational approach, because the whole is a lot more than just its parts. Financial gain and material well-being are among the brighter prospects looming before you now, as you focus in on how much things really mean to you. Consider including a neighbor in your exercise routine this afternoon--to keep each other motivated. This is a good time for making corrections, cleaning and sorting out things that have been thrown in a drawer, closet or refrigerator.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 This is a great time to be with others and to work together. You may be sought after as just the person for a particular job. Your management and directional abilities are in high focus. You are pleased to be approved for this next project and your efforts will be successful. You may be helpful in setting prices or scheduling people. Understanding inner motivations, seeing through to the core and finding clarification is a real path of power. Surround yourself with the most positive people. These are the people that help you stretch and encourage you to reach your highest potential. They may be people that could be mentors to you through just observing their behavior. Enjoy young people tonight--everyone will benefit.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You may find that your mind is overworked today. Yesterday was history--tomorrow is a mystery--but today is the gift! Use today to the best of your ability and change those worries into positive actions. Tear it down and build it up again, reach in and pluck out the offending element: that's what this day?s energy involves. Power becomes a compelling idea, perhaps even an aphrodisiac--you have a stronger than usual supply of it now. Use it--do not abuse it, you might find that it's a two-edged sword! Others value you for your ability to make practical decisions and clear decisions affecting others could be made now. You have a disciplined approach to work, health and life's other essential routines that are especially important now.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 You are trying to understand big business today. You may even be thinking of ways that you could go into business for yourself. The power of organization on a social scale--business, political, etc.--seems to take on a larger-than-life feel today. It's as if ambition and authority are answers in themselves, rather than only a means to an ideal objective. This can lead to confusion and ambitious schemes that tend to become lost along the way. Real power is always hidden--finding it means delving into the secret places and that's where you are bound to look now. If you are still yearning for Mr. or Ms. Right, do not waste time reminiscing. Instead, become involved in creative or pleasurable situations. Someone exceptional will come to your attention soon.

Bangali Actress Shatabdi Roy 1968

Shatabdi Roy (Bengali: শতাব্দী রায়; born 5 October 1968), became a Member of Parliament in 2009, having won in the Indian General Elections on a Trinamool Congress ticket from the Birbhum constituency of West Bengal.

She has been an actress, director and teacher of acting in the Bengali language film industry of India, as well as a published author of Bengali poetry. Her duties as MP keep her traveling and busy with meetings now. On her agenda; change in the form of roads, electricity, hospitals and schools for her constituents.

She was born on 5 October 1968, in Agarpara, to Shailen and Nilima Roy. Shatabdi Roy passed her Madhyamik from Sorojini High School in 1985 and later attended Jogamaya Devi College, a women's college affiliated to the University of Calcutta.

Film Career and Home Life

Shatabdi made her film debut in the film called ‘Atanka’, directed by Tapan Sinha, which was released in 1986. (Earlier she had worked in a film called ‘Tina’ directed by Dinen Gupta, but it was never released.) More recently she acted in and directed a new science-fiction film Friend, released in 2009. When not working on a shoot, Shatabdi would teach acting at the "Shatabdi Foundation" or spend time with her son Samyoraj (Tozo) and husband Mrigank Banerjee, a marketing executive.

Shatabdi won the Bengali Film Journalists' Award for best supporting actress for the film Debipaksha in 2005.


  • Fight 1:1 (2011)
  • Dhaki (2009)
  • Friend (2009)
  • Biyer Lagna (2008)
  • Shibaji (2008)
  • Tolly Lights (2008)
  • Abhinetri (2006)
  • Dwiragaman (2005)
  • Nishachar (2005)
  • Debipaksha (2004)
  • Chor O Bhagoban {2003)
  • Debipuja (2003)
  • Jua (2003)
  • Sukh Dukkher Sansar (2003)
  • Aami Jibonpurer Pathik (2001)
  • Bhalobasa Ki Aage Bujhini (2001)
  • Bidhatar Khela (2001)
  • Cancer (2001}
  • Etai Swarga (2001)
  • Janak Janani (2001)
  • Nadie Pare Aamar Bari (2001)
  • Shesh Bichar (2001)
  • Srimoti Bhayonkari (2001)
  • Dabi (2000)
  • Didi Aamar Maa (2000)
  • Kalankini Badhu (2000)
  • Pita Swarga Pita Dharma (2000)
  • Rupasi Dohai Tomar (2000)
  • Sajoni Aamar Sohag (2000)
  • Satruta (2000)
  • Shapath Nilam (2000)
  • Trishul (2000)
  • Gariber Raja Robinhood (1999)
  • Gunda (1999)
  • Jugbatar Loknath (1999)
  • Krishna Kaberi (1999)
  • Aparajita (1998)
  • Asal Nakal (1998)
  • Jiban Trishna (1998)
  • Kamalar Banabas (1998)
  • Putra Badhu (1998)
  • Raja Rani Badsha (1998)
  • Ranakshetra (1998)
  • Shimul Parul (1998)
  • Sreeman 420 (1998)
  • Swamir Aadesh (1998)
  • Abhishapta Prem (1997)
  • Ajker Santan (1997)
  • Bahurupa (1997)
  • Bakul Priya (1997)
  • Bidroho (1997)
  • Chandragrahan (1997)
  • Mayar Badhan (1997)
  • Patirodh (1997)
  • Sarbajaya (1997)
  • Jamaibabu (1996)
  • Joy Bijoy (1996)
  • Sakhi Tumi Kar (1996)
  • Sinthir Sindur (1996)
  • Tridhara (1996)
  • Abirbhab (1995)
  • Boumoni (1995)
  • Kumari Maa (1995)
  • Mashal (1995)
  • Pratidhwani (1995)
  • Sansar Sangram (1995)
  • Shesh Pratiksha (1995)
  • Sukher Asha (1995)
  • Ajana Path (1994)
  • Bidrohini (1994)
  • Kalpurush (1994)
  • Lal Pan Bibi (1994)
  • Nagjyoti (1994)
  • Phiriye Dao (1994)
  • Tumi Je Aamar (1994)
  • Arjun (1993)
  • Ghar Sansar (1993)
  • Kanyadan (1993)
  • Maan Samman (1993)
  • Prajapati (1993)
  • Prathama (1993)
  • Premi (1993)
  • Shakti (1993)
  • Shraddhanjali (1993)
  • Sukher Swarga (1993)
  • Adhikar (1992)
  • Antardhan (1992)
  • Dharma-Yuddha (1992)
  • Maa (1992)
  • Monikanchan (1992)
  • Natun Sansar (1992)
  • Pennam Kolkata (1992)
  • Shaitan (1992)
  • Aamar Sathi (1991)
  • Bidhir Bidhan (1991)
  • Maan Maryada (1991)
  • Naya Zaher (1991)
  • Prem Pujari (1991)
  • Abhimanyu (1990)
  • Abishkar (1990)
  • Alingan (1990)
  • Anurag (1990)
  • Apan Aamar Apan (1990)
  • Bhanga-Gara (1990)
  • Chetana (1990)
  • Gharer Bou (1990)
  • Jowar Bhanta (1990)
  • Kalanka (1990)
  • Raktareen (1990)
  • Aamar Shapath (1989)
  • Agnitrishna (1989)
  • Amanat (1989)
  • Angar (1989)
  • Biday (1989)
  • Bondini (1989)
  • Judge Saheb (1989)
  • Mahapith Tarapith (1989)
  • Mangaldeep (1989)
  • Maryada (1989)
  • Mone Mone (1989)
  • Monimala (1989)
  • Shatrupaksha (1989)
  • Srimati Hangsaraj (1989)
  • Aghat (1988)
  • Agnisanket (1988)
  • Antaranga (1988)
  • Chhannachhara (1988)
  • Dena Paona (1988)
  • Maa Ek Mandir (1988)
  • Parashmoni (1988)
  • Punarmilan (1988)
  • Shudhu Tomari (1988)
  • Ekanta Apan (1987)
  • Gurudakshina (1987)
  • Nyay Adhikar (1987)
  • Pratibha (1987)
  • Pratikar (1987)
  • Amar Bandhan (1986)
  • Atanka (1986)
  • Bouma (1986)