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Friday Rashichakra October 21

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 You are at your most practical when it comes to dealing and working with others today. You know just what to do and can act without haste and emotion. You are called on to make use of your natural abilities and common sense. You may be very forceful in what you say and think. With all of this emotional energy, you could communicate very well. You have a great deal of mental drive. You may find yourself with a friend at the lunch break; reflecting on your own youth or some event from the past. Mental discipline and patience are keynoted this afternoon. Thinking things through, accounting for all the details and making careful measurements keep your mind active and involved. A candlelight dinner can be enjoyed tonight.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 A new set of clothes or a new look has you up early and ready for action today. You and a friend stay with an early morning exercise program. In the workplace today, you win recognition and authority through hard work and knowing the score. Self-discipline and a sense of self-worth become important issues in your life, as a new phase begins. A fear of asserting yourself can hold you back--as can coming on too strong. Write out a plan or list three things you can do now to reach your goals--do something to move closer to your goals. The trick is learning to make the most of your personal talents and abilities, working within your limitations instead of feeling hemmed in by them. You and your co-worker friends may enjoy a social gathering this evening.

Aries  March 21-April 19 You may feel favored today in many different areas of your life. Good luck and positive action are in the forecast. If you are not sure about the small print in any contract, ask. The same goes for any negotiations just now. You should make every attempt to understand exactly what you are signing--matters could be deceiving. You may want to pay particular attention to the possibility of being misled. This is, however, another one of your best overall days where money is concerned. There is much energy available to you for taking care of business. Higher-ups pay attention to your ideas regarding community service. Perhaps you will lend a hand to help in a youth club. You and your co-workers can make a positive difference.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 People and business projects are easily manipulated today, but this could result in resentments or a change of plans. Try to give proposals and ideas time to develop before you push for an outcome. There is, perhaps, a sense of challenge or blockage. As the energies around you slow--progress is slowed. Patience will prove a benefit at this time. An optimistic outlook enables you to teach other people things you have learned. This may mean just basically how to get through the slow and difficult as well as how to enjoy the fast and upbeat moments in life. Charm, personal magnetism and pleasant experiences are linked to your attitude of positive expectations. This afternoon and evening are good times to socialize with friends or family.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 Extra energy today allows you to complete a task or project that you have wanted to finish for some time. You will be reaping the rewards of your hard work today, even though it may only be good feelings that come when you do your best. This is a rewarding day. Make sure that you can follow through on something before you volunteer to work with a charity or organization this afternoon. Give yourself time to think before you act. You can appreciate feelings and movement and you have a lot of energy to pour into whatever you decide to do just now. A walk or some exercise this evening can be rejuvenating--take a friend. Inspiration and uplifting influences are all around; you can use your insights to inspire a friend or family member.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 Right now, the key to career moves involves attending to nagging details--whatever you have neglected and put aside till later. This could be a challenging day. There is, however, an open door to success. Give yourself time to think about new projects before diving in--your attitude is full-speed-ahead. Patience may work to your credit now. It may be advantageous to all if you can request a helping hand when it comes to meeting a deadline this afternoon. Do not try to finish a project by yourself. Reward the people that lend you a helping hand. You may find yourself more than a little curious and tempted to overspend--indulge too much. It is important for you to sense quality and choose accordingly. A budget would help to guide you.

Leo  July 23-August 22 You will be pleased at the progress you have made today--just take a look! This is a rewarding day. Pay close attention to how you direct your energies. Slowly but surely, the stress is letting up and as each day progresses you will feel less inclined to wish you could yell and stomp your feet. Stress has been rough, but it is getting better. Material things and the whole concept of value take on more importance for you now. Financial security and enjoying the finer things in life, appreciating and creating things others long to have are experiences that assume a high priority now. Big ideas and grand visions may play a leading role in your life. Mysterious or mystical information fires your imagination. Do not believe everything but keep an open mind.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 Situations and people you thought you could rely on might not be so solid after all. Talk things over--find out what is really happening--you should be able to enhance your security. A feeling that things will work out right if left alone can be very misleading--your hard work will pay off in successful outcomes. Other people may make many demands on you now but you will enjoy the reverse before long. You discover new and different reasons or ways to enjoy and appreciate life. A kind of mini-revolution may find you altering your value system, allowing you to like new things. You may find a new approach to love and compassion. There are good breakthroughs regarding relationships and social life now. Don?t forget to network.

Libra  September 23-October 23 Someone with a different set of values than your own may confront you today. His or her taste may run counter to yours. This may simply mean a different sense of humor; then again, it could mean the manner in which you speak to customers. Listen and learn and in some cases, just move forward. Life could be terribly dull if everyone believed the same way. Everything points to your taking the initiative with a different matter this afternoon. You may be chosen to create a display for all to see; you will be pleased with the results. You have support from others for this project. There is some fascination with music today and because it relaxes you or gives your spirit a boost you may find a bookstore quite fascinating in many ways this afternoon.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 This can be a rather stressful day; however, out of the stress can come a real understanding of just where you want to make or suggest some needed changes. Others may not be as communicative as you would like, but you will find that if you busy yourself with your own work, problems will just dissolve away. You have good practical job-related thoughts and ideas and when the time is right you will be able to communicate these to your superiors or describe what you see. You may find that both your personal growth and your career may depend upon how you can handle very sensitive psychological material that may be coming up now. You benefit from analytical insights--perhaps a mentor or close friend will lend advice.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 As this fall goes into full swing, you are mostly focused on career. You have important objectives that you want to fulfill. A creative opportunity allows you to express yourself and be compensated. Professional advice works in your best interest today. This is a good time to make some changes and reach new levels. This may mean a lecture or a round-table discussion. This is a perfect time for new ideas and a breakthrough in thinking. You may learn things that may shake your confidence and alter your viewpoint--growth. Your self-confidence is high and you feel the warm urges of ambition; you are eager to make your mark. Good health, a happy marriage, loyal friends and career success are the precious things you seek to achieve.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 People who are good for you enter your life now. Circumstances arise that give you the opportunity to do something you have never done before. This is the best time to ask for a loan. Having and appreciating things of beauty and value play a bigger role in your life. This can be a financially favorable period. There is a natural transformation of your values--the way you appreciate and love yourself and others. You may develop an eye for that which is lasting and worthwhile. A cycle of nostalgia and domesticity begins, emphasizing a need for security and a sense of roots. Family, home, relatives and real estate play a bigger part in your life. This evening is a good time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.