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Sunday Rashichakra October 30

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Legal issues are in the air. Just wave your hand above your head and you will pick a topic out of the air. Today, this strong inclination toward the legal, justice and balance type of issues may come to you through a volunteer situation that you see needs attention. This could be helping to do research for the pro-bono projects that come about when the special-needs citizen needs counsel. Perhaps you could create a group of people that want to eventually work in the legal system and want to gain experience and to be helpful to those that cannot afford legal help. You feel a love of order and law--an appreciation for responsibility and duty. You could find you are appreciated for your ability to act and get things done. Express yourself; your heart will be lifted.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 You are fulfilled by meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles today. You may be sought after for a particular job. Your directional abilities are in high focus. You find that you can think things through and really use your mind to make clear choices. Career decisions are straightforward and easy to make. A change in your environment is on the horizon. You could receive unexpected help from a senior or someone in command. A person or teacher could appear. Deep and penetrating analysis, particularly with a group or in relation to your situation, may be beneficial. Fun and sometimes mind-boggling conversations send you into some research hunting this evening. Perhaps you are fascinated by an awareness of some scientific discovery.

Aries  March 21-April 19 Challenges call for a check-up regarding your nutritional intake and your stamina capabilities. If these are not up to par, you could be left with a confused feeling and perhaps a headache. Before the day gets underway, make sure your nutrition is taken care of and your frame of mind is positive. You could be helping others learn how to live a less stressful life. Thinking things through, accounting for all the details, making careful measurements: these and similar experiences keep your mind active and involved. An interest in health and work may come into focus. You attract money today. This is a very good day for job-related events. There are opportunities to correct, change or improve on working situations. You are very motivated.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 There is a yearning to broaden your horizons and reach for the ultimate experience, although it is only a regular workday. Settle down and think about planning some adventure weekend trip so that your day-to-day challenges will not seem so boring. Law, politics, education, travel and religion are some of the areas where emotionally-charged drama will be played. This could be a difficult time to relax and remain calm as you may not appreciate the easy way or clear-cut option and may choose instead a more difficult path. Get out-of-doors and enjoy some fresh air this evening. Later, you will have time to be quiet and enjoy some relaxation time by yourself--regain some focus. Do a neighbor a favor this evening.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 Deep and penetrating analysis, particularly with a group or in relation to your situation, may be in order. Others could seek you out for your psychological insight and understanding. Consider making changes in your environment. Finding answers takes on a special significance now. This is another good day for requesting that someone return a loan. There is a heightened interest in getting things organized into a rational system. Partnerships, especially those involving business contacts, are agreeable for this next week--now is the time to get the presentation in order. There is an opportunity to attend a social event this evening. If you decide to go . . . you will be most elegant. Your caring attitude toward others attracts people to you.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 A young person may need your guidance and today is a good time to help this person think through some decisions. Helping those who cannot help themselves--and getting such help if you need it--is very important to you. A creative part of you is unleashed this afternoon and you spend a great deal of time with a hobby or invention that will sell very well if you decide to sell. You might consider getting a patent on your work so that only you can make a claim to your invention. There is a cornucopia of subjects in which you could delve now that would help quench your need to escape. Take a day away from your daily work. Pump a little iron this evening and get the body energized and refreshed. Consider a light meal this evening.

Leo  July 23-August 22 This day begins and ends with positive communication. Friends may seek you out for your guidance regarding some future event, perhaps issues surrounding a reunion or some other gathering like a charity ball. You will be able to handle any of the questions without any difficulties and quick results benefit many. Getting several different groups together for committees will help make the event be more organized and presentable. Although all of this attention may make you feel important, you will be very happy to be in a less demanding situation. You can relax tonight. A date night may not be a late night but it has the potential of being a delightful evening. Perhaps you will enjoy a movie or a pizza dinner.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 You will be able to dedicate more time to your loved ones this evening but for now, you may feel the push to complete tasks and get down to business. It is easy to reach burnout by stretching your physical energies--try to set a reasonable pace. Relationships--romantic, business, social--are the arena where this drama is played. Try a new approach with your loved one that would involve open communication . . . plan a weekend getaway soon. In coming to know the other person, there is a better understanding of the individual self. Marriage is strongly indicated these days. Harmony is long lasting. You are coming to a period of greater than usual emphasis on emotional security, which is likely to manifest as putting down roots somehow.

Libra  September 23-October 23 With you, dreams and ideals have become a way of life. You seek to bring them down to earth and make them real. You will, as a song says, never let your dreams depart. Yours is a path leading to a career in music, mysticism or the arts. You understand the forest behind the trees and the unity beyond all separateness. You could discover yourself through creativity and self-expression, especially at this time. Increased confidence and a more outgoing manner may be the key that opens new doors in your career. A kind of romantic thinking characterizes your approach to life this evening. This could mean a longing for a soul mate or a yearning to save the world; it could mean carrying a torch, as well. Secret loves, lost loves--all you need is love.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 There is a need to be respected--it is an emotionally charged issue at this time. Watch yourself move throughout the day and make note of how you respond, progress, solve problems, laugh and perhaps just how you relate to others, and you will either gain a confirmation that will help you gain confidence or you will see positive ways to make yourself known. This is the time of recognition and it doesn?t necessarily mean the recognition of others. This afternoon it is important to read the directions when it comes to a technical problem. A handbook or the nearby hardware store is packed with resources you need. You are able to adjust, change or fix the technical problem; cheer. Tonight there are pleasant surprises from a family member.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You are willing to work hard today, particularly when you know you are only moments away from achieving the results you desire. Get your ideas out there. Business travel or conferences provide an excellent forum for your plans. This business travel may also allow you to meet others who are on a similar path as you. Today you will meet influential people that will help you advance in your career. Everything seems to be working to your advantage. Be willing to return the favor to a young co-worker this afternoon. Clear decisions are getting easier to find; thank goodness. This evening is a good time for surrounding yourself with friends and for having a good time. You appreciate your particular situation and enjoy support from those around you.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 You are willing to lend a helping hand to a friend today. Your psychological understanding of others is fine tuned and you are able to understand a situation or plea for help in short time. You have resources and can quickly access a situation and find avenues of help that will make a positive difference in this person's life. Feeling good about yourself this afternoon, you may take some time to browse through a bookstore or department store and enjoy the lights and activities around you. Be careful that you do not overspend or indulge too much for now. You are happy to have friendly people around you this evening that basically have similar interests. Communication is interesting and inspiring. Laughter is easily enjoyed this evening.