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Monday Horoscope November 21

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 This is an easy, calm day that should find everything running smoothly. Ideas and interaction with authority figures or older people may be in the forecast. Working with--rather than against--the flow should be easy to do. Your basic talents are such that you can aspire to a position of prominence when you are ready. Lightning fast when it comes to the business deal, you seem to have direct insight into what is worthwhile as well as what is worthless in a situation. You will find a way to cut through the red tape and get at what is important. You can resolve debts and find it easier to add to your income at this time. The demand for your skills and talents intensifies. This evening you may spend time decorating with seasonal flowers and ornaments.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 A practical and conscientious attitude is of special importance now. Sorting things out and getting them organized to the utmost efficiency keeps you busy. You may adopt a more unconventional appearance or manner of communicating with others. This may mean that you have been called in to solve delivery problems or perhaps to rearrange some scheduling. You have more personal insight and are more inventive than most people, etc. Others sense your concern over their welfare and you may not be able to escape the positive admiration coming your way. Someone may take you to lunch or do you a favor without expecting reciprocation. Associates appreciate you. Visiting with your friends is fun and meaningful this afternoon.

Aries  March 21-April 19 The workday flows along without too many problems at this time. Your evaluation of matters and decisions made this day will be clear and focused. There could be a slowdown in transportation, but confirmation of schedules should help assuage this situation. There is much communication with friends and family now, especially those at a distance. A love of authority figures, plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome at any social scene. You may find yourself involved in a golf game, tennis or other similar sport activity later today. Not only do you enjoy all sorts of sports--you enjoy the time of simple chatter with friends. A new partnership can be entered into now.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 The power of organization on a social scale--business, politics and such--comes to your attention today. Among your basic talents is your sense of fairness and justice. You are a wonderful judge of personality and character, so you can excel as a supervisor or in marriage and business counseling, in legal work and decisions as lawyer or judge. Today you may find yourself solving more problems and keeping the peace between co-workers than working with the files on your desk. The demand for your skills intensifies and you are aware of new options for professional growth. You are starting a six-week cycle of tremendous energy and enthusiasm. A new sport, creative hobby or social activity appeals to you and you decide to participate on a regular basis.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 Ambition and the desire for status can get a little out of touch with reality. Stay focused--attend to the normal duties and then you can move forward. Business opportunities that include conferences and perhaps lectures open new doors for you now. Circumstances move you into position where you must use your mind and deal with communications, service or enclosed hidden interests. You may deal with education, psychology, spiritual enlightenment or teaching principles and techniques. This afternoon a friend may interest you in a competitive sport that is good for your mind as well as your body. Learning ways to increase your energy level is a wise move and this new activity may be a heart-healthy, fun activity.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 You are at your most practical when it comes to dealing and working with others today. You know just what to do and can act without emotion. You are called on to make use of your natural abilities. You will prosper through new insights, inventions and an independent point of view. Your career could open up by taking up different methods than the usual--new approaches. You may be especially dynamic and assertive today--knowing just what to do. There is a lot of energy available for whatever needs to be done. A business meeting this afternoon will show progress in work projects. View any disagreement as a way to see things from a different perspective--not necessarily criticism. Reorganize your schedule in order to help a friend this evening.

Leo  July 23-August 22 You may be very forceful in what you say and think. With all of this emotional energy, you could speak or communicate very well. You have much mental drive. Perhaps through teaching you will find yourself serving to guide someone younger than you. You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others just now and are in a good position to communicate or guide others. This afternoon your friends may include you in some group activity. It is certainly a good time to be with your friends. This evening there is a kind of romantic dreamy mood. This could mean a longing for a soul mate or a yearning to save the world; it could mean carrying a torch, as well. Secret loves, lost loves--all you need is love.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 This is a very lucky day for making plans or decisions and finding your way through just about any problem you may discover. You joke with co-workers or friends about how computers are advanced enough to be taught to think and you think about how that would be. You are at your most practical when it comes to dealing and working with others. You know just what to do and can act without haste and emotion. You are called on to make use of your natural abilities and common sense. You feel successful and able to solve problems--quick answers, great wit and a surplus of insights and solutions are in readiness. Good advice from a guide or older person, if you need it, will be easy to find. A visitor in your home compliments you on your tastes.

Libra  September 23-October 23 Keep those positive thoughts coming--you are learning how to transmute the negative. This is a great day to work with others. Round table discussions or conferences with higher-ups may be in order all day. Financial savvy and a practical turn of mind are qualities that take on greater importance in your life now. You have a wheeler-dealer attitude with a knack for knowing how to put people, ideas and things together profitably. Playing the role of coordinator can be rewarding. If there is not a permanent love relationship you may find one developing this afternoon. If there is a permanent relationship you will find the feelings between the two of you have deepened. A sense of support and harmony make this a happy time.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 You demonstrate great understanding of the needs of others just now and are in a good position to communicate concerning groups and society in general. This is a perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions. You have all the drive and energy you could want and it should be easy to channel your path. Because you appear so self-sufficient, others may find it difficult to imagine that you might need love and attention. Step back and allow others to help you without returning the favor. Sometimes your friends just want to do things for you with a simple compliment for their effort. Enjoy the little attention that your loved ones offer you now. Get out of doors today--rain or no rain. A little exercise is good for the spirit as well as the body.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 Your mind is very quick and you find a great deal of fun in Trivial Pursuit games with friends and co-workers. This morning may be such a morning--some fun time with Trivial Pursuit. Among co-workers you find a good amount of teamwork and goodwill. This is a time of much energy and drive, perfect for starting out on something or taking care of business. Exercise is a necessity today and if the weather is acceptable, get outside and walk; skate or ride your bike. Your mind runs to humanitarian values and thoughts of what could and should be improved upon. Ideas connected with group work and goals, making your inner vision real, are a natural. Community work just may be in the forecast. Your ideas could make a positive difference.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 This morning you may find yourself unusually motivated or driven in new and unexpected directions. You could receive unexpected backing and, in general, your efforts are successful in reaching new heights of originality. You may want to take a new look at where you are in your career at this time--is this your lifework? Determine as soon as possible, just where you want to apply your energies with regard to your career. New and unexpected emotions may surface. It is easy for you to find the proper motivation to fulfill your ideals or make your dreams into a reality. You may decide to reevaluate your diet for this winter. Adding a bit more protein will help increase resistance to colds and flu. This is a good time to schedule a flu shot, if you take them.