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Friday Horoscope September 9

Aries  March 21-April 19 Others may find you especially witty and eccentric today. This is an outgoing and very expressive cycle. The only thing to be careful about is to know your facts before you express what you think are the facts. Now more than ever, you want to be appreciated by others, to do and create things that stir their hearts. This is child's play; this is romance; this is taking a chance. The support you need always seems to come to you and that is the case now. Friends, co-workers and plain old lucky circumstances offer encouragement and backing for you. You often get what you need, when you need it. Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued. You may enjoy getting away from routine and doing something completely different at this time.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 Yours is a career deep in change, transformation and metamorphosis. Don't be afraid to project that image--make those dreams real. Right now, the real key to career moves involves attending to nagging details--whatever you have neglected or put off for another time. Your career process needs to take its own course in some cases and if you tend to what you need to accomplish each day, your progress will be positive. Attention to matters of health and efficiency is important now. This means preventative measures--heart healthy diets, good exercise and lots of laughter. Your life path could carry you into subjects like reincarnation, psychic experiences and all that is occult or hidden from common view. You plunge right in leaving not a secret unturned.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 You are an important asset, especially with superiors or in relation to your work. You may find that you enjoy your job or the responsibility it entails more than usual. You will depend on your co-workers today and they will depend on you; much can be accomplished. You may be surprised at the extent of cooperation and the outcome of the interaction. It's a time of refinement and tact and of an urge to please others that is so strong as to make it hard to decide or act for fear of offending someone. You will quickly learn to balance this out, or you will discover that there is no peace in compromise--and this can be tough on any relationship. Someone in need or something you believe in will call for your attention this evening.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 Career moves may depend upon your cutting through some of the fluff and really taking care of business, getting down to your most practical. Know what you want and get rid of anything that clutters your path--within reason, of course. Ridding yourself of anything non-essential may be a key move to gaining some focus. This will help you achieve a positive outcome with your work in a faster than usual time. Taking chances can bring big rewards. This evening you may not value something extraordinary or unusual. Instead, you find yourself appreciating what is quite normal or ordinary. Lovers, children and other people or things dear to your heart are emphasized at this period in your life. Some pleasant time is spent with a difficult child tonight.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 There is a need to be the center of attention today--perhaps you have worked particularly hard on a project and no one has noticed--patience. Your path or career may be at right angles with your own sense of security and responsibilities. A hard trade-off to figure--you cannot win, so some negotiations may be in order. Try to cut a path that includes both. You will prosper by pursuing your dreams of what you want for your future achievements. Don't be afraid to keep your dreams in focus?you will make them real. Ideas of group cooperation and communion could further your career. You could receive unexpected help or support from those around you--especially someone younger. This is a time when you may also get insights into your living situation.

Leo  July 23-August 22 Your conservative values clash with whatever is unconventional and different just now. You try your best to adapt to changes and congratulations are in order for your perseverance in making necessary changes in your life, in your job or in your surroundings. You appreciate tradition and regularity and will enjoy these in your home life as much as possible. Being in touch with ideas and people on a grand scale keeps your mind busy--travel could be on the horizon. Changes happen naturally and with your strong determination to achieve, career changes are positive. Fortunately, your current worries from the workplace do not follow you home. Tonight is a good time to stock up on some of the things that you and your friends enjoy when you are together.

Libra  September 23-October 23 Your responsibilities do not disappear under this influence, but they can be made more bearable by finding the most useful way to complete your tasks. There are the makings today for a bright and witty day. Your communication skills are at a high-water mark. You show patience and are able to respond to the world and to build upon what is already happening. You are willing to listen to others, take cues and then reflect and build upon that information. Others find you gentle, steady and kind. You take things in and provide an environment to bring them forth. Your intuitive insights work to your advantage--your timing is perfect. Enjoy! This evening, friendships and involvement in group activities play an important part in your life.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 You are at your most practical when it comes to dealing and working with others. You know just what to do and can act without haste. This could involve any matter concerning public relations. You are called on to make use of your natural abilities and common sense. Everything conspires to value and to bring out your unique and unusual qualities. You could come up with new solutions or inventions. There is a need to be respected and this may be a touchy subject with you. You are determined to develop a knack for organizing things and people, as a sense of ambition and practicality takes hold. Managing your money, work, achievement and ambition mean a lot to you. You work on maintaining goodwill and cooperation with others.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You may not place much value on empty chatter, so round table discussions and meetings may need compromise and delay. You and others will soon be able to come up with new ideas and new projects or problem-solving options. Writing out your ideas first will allow the mind to get a better grasp on the development of a presentation . . . take time to think first. You always come off well in a group and manage to get your ideas across to others--even if you think you do not do well. You are outgoing, enthusiastic and always diplomatic--everybody's favorite. You have a natural instinct for making the correct move at the right time. Travel and mental development at high levels are major themes in your life now. Enjoy loved ones this evening.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 You are coming into a new cycle centered on taking what you know and what you have and then making the most of it in the real world. It looks as though you may be in a total makeover. Clearing away the old and making room for the new seems to be the goal for the day--at work and at home. The workplace may be making room for some new equipment--at home you could be making room for a more creative you. There could be a garage sale in the making for this weekend. You are reminded of some simple pleasures this afternoon as you enjoy a break and visit with a friend. Enjoy yourself with friends and young people. You appreciate your place in life and enjoy feedback from others. You gain insight through these visits with friends.

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Your mind runs to domestic issues--home and family dominate your thinking today. This happens often and could work against your career interests, especially if your job requires managerial and organizational skills. Perhaps you will want to think about creating a home business. There is a yearning to broaden your horizons at this time by taking on another job or signing up for more education. This may involve some form of law, politics, education, travel or religion. Responsibilities are easy for you and you tend to pile on tasks one after another. You work very hard, with a gritty resolve. It takes a lot to overload your willingness to take charge and help others. A loved one listens to your needs this evening--you enjoy the communication.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 A coordinator of events is where you shine the best today. Very little can be accomplished without some sort of discipline and training and you stay current in these areas. You know just how to set up a situation to get the best results, much better than most. This may be the area where you find yourself working today. Perhaps there are opportunities for your company to show their wares at a sales show. You can find the best place, time and atmosphere for the best results. You put a lot of thought and energy into being different, avoiding the commonplace with great determination. Your drive to innovate, invent and find new ways to use things is both well-coordinated and intense and very good for your profession. This can be a very creative time.