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Monday Horoscope September 26

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Co-workers may want to know more than you are willing to contribute. You may have a tendency to avoid sensitive subjects and take refuge in duties and responsibilities rather than face issues that are shallow. You enjoy the practical and the truthful. A need for psychological security and absolute truth in all matters cuts through most chit-chat and settles on the basic issues. This is a good time to launch a public-relations campaign to advance your career--you can be a good politician. Certainly, a time of progress and stability has begun. It is also a good time to be more involved in education, as a student or teacher. Either way, you will be learning. Recalculating the budget brings good news! There are many rewards for being thrifty.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 You could find yourself working overtime today--you have a lot of energy to pour into a work project. You may appear commanding and assertive--whatever the mood--this is the time to push ahead. Breakthroughs in your career could open up during this time--making it possible for you to solve problems and find new opportunities to move forward and upward in your career. This evening you will be moved to appreciate and discover the beauty in your life--perhaps a sunset, a baby animal or a child--and the beauty in those around you. At the same time, everything takes on added value. Be careful that you do not overspend or indulge too much just now. Enjoy the simple things in life and teach your loved ones to do the same. Un-complicate your life.

Aries  March 21-April 19 The attitude of the day seems to be in how you will live in your body if you do not take better care of it. Conversations about diet, nutrition, etc., can be easily begun. You may strive to learn about nutrition and good health. Exercise is important--avoid over-exertion. Have fun as you work and as you play--you will encourage others in this game of life. This afternoon a shopping expedition shows off your excellent taste. You could be an expert in all matters of art and discrimination. You can always pick out the valuable and worthwhile. You appreciate all that is fine and beautiful. You will charm an older person this evening with your fascinating stories and theories. Later this evening there is a chance to have some special time with a loved one.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 Outer circumstances are favorable and it should be easy for you to push toward new projects in all aspects of your life. Life may seem almost magical in the way situations work out in your favor. There is time to begin a plan to become better organized on the home front. Good fortune and plain old luck surrounds you today. It is easy for you to make correct decisions, find the right path and move forward where community concerns are in question. Politics would not be out of the question for you. There is a burning zeal for humanitarian goals, what is best for the many, in the community. With little patience for detail and superficialities, you insist on getting right to the heart of any question. People will come to depend on your strength and wisdom.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 There is an instinctive urge to get serious about taking care of your health at many levels. You may have tried a multitude of methods to get your body into the shape you desire. However, now it is time to settle on one method and stick to it. Many methods work--however, the secret to your success is consistency. Others value you for your ability to make practical decisions--now it is time to have faith in the decisions you make. This is a very nice day, perhaps filled with some renewed appreciation for all that is beautiful and fine. You might feel love or value for an older person. A sense of value and valuing that may find you lavishing affection on those near you. General good feeling and a sense of support makes this a happy time.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 A deliberate sense of responsibility comes across today. This sense of responsibility is central to your personality and the way you relate to other people. Everything is run through your checkpoint to see if it holds up and can pass the test--you can be a stickler with details. Try now to break up old habits and get out of ruts, etc. You may feel very passionate at this time, or you could feel that your feelings, emotions and basic life urges undergo change and possible transformation. You feel more personal and direct and find that you waste less time with hurt feelings than before. There is a sense of support and good will from those around you. You work well with others today. Young people in your work group amuse you.

Leo  July 23-August 22 Take a deep cleansing breath--this is going to be a day where you need to put extra effort into thinking things through to the long-term. You have a yearning to reach for what seems to be the impossible. There is a kind of spiritual wanderlust that takes center stage. Law, politics, education, travel and religion are some of the areas where an emotionally charged drama occurs. A bit of a rebellious urge within you presents an emotional challenge. You may have to resist attempts to divert your drive and energy in directions that will take you nowhere. You become more focused than ever! You can dispense now with all that is unsound and move in a most positive and determined direction. This evening is good for soothing music.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 Deep and penetrating analysis, particularly with a group or in relation to your situation may be in order now. Others could seek you out for your understanding. You could be teaching a class in personal development today. This could also be a time to make changes in your work environment. Others value you for your independence and unique qualities. You will not have difficulty in getting recognition for your efforts or accomplishments. You should, however, place your efforts into work or ventures that you really love doing. Career insights are possible today. You might discover that unconventional solutions to life's problems are in order as well. You and your friends enjoy each other's company this evening--bingo perhaps.

Libra  September 23-October 23 The main focus today is on the manner in which you handle responsibilities in the workplace. You are also likely to fall into a greater position of authority. You make progress in your profession--an increase in stability. Ideals and a sense of belonging become a greater focus in your life at this time. You attach a lot of importance to friendship and taking part in group activities that center on idealistic goals. Someone you care about--a child or lover, perhaps--may be a cause for concern. Self-control and setting limits are important in love and other games of chance; think long-term and be realistic in your approach to these things. Careful--there is a possibility of over-indulgence in whatever you become interested in just now.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 You could be the main attraction today, especially in relation to your work. You may find that you enjoy your job or the responsibility it entails. Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued just now. You may enjoy getting away from routine and doing something completely different after work. You could be entering a phase of changing or creating habits, which may be a good way to delve into something different. Good habits bring us everything we want but bad ones can turn our lives into a mess. You are wise to take the time to write down some of what you want to change in yourself, with regard to habits. This could involve eating, exercising, being on time, etc. Write down some new habits you would like to create.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You find ways to broaden your horizons--both intellectually and spiritually. Education, publishing, broadcasting, legal and political interests as well as advertising offer wonderful opportunities now. Making suggestions for solving problems can make a big difference in your professional status. You may not be the creator of an advertisement or a play, but you will give ideas to others that can benefit the business for which you work. Rewards are in the making. Assimilating information and experience, learning lessons and putting them into practice--is the main focus this afternoon. It's a time for prudence and stewardship and tending to the details. Make it a point to really listen to your loved ones this evening.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 You can really communicate and express yourself to others right now. You have a lot of energy and come across as assertive and dominant. Conflict between time at home and time on the job may cause you to stop and rethink your purpose for working so hard. If the pay is not beneficial for the time away from loved ones, it is time to reassess. Encourage, praise and support your loved ones often. You will be pleasantly surprised at what happens in return. Check out the balance of your week and ask yourself if everything, including you, gets a fair share of your time. It could be time for some adjustments. Circumstances may conspire to limit and hinder your sense of independence. Loved ones are able to help with errands this evening--just ask.