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Tuesday Zodiac October 18

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Making your mark on the world has special significance for you now. Achievement, ambition and authority are things that take on greater importance. Organizing and administering to people and projects will become central to your lifestyle. Career choices and the obvious path that is opening up for you now may grate against your own sense of freedom; there is something to be learned here and listening to that small voice inside your head may be the best path to walk. Some middle road could be found if you search a little more. You make a lot of money for other people through your advice and through your accounting abilities. You could take some of your own advice and turn some of that paperwork into good hard cash. Enjoy a romantic dinner.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 This is a low energy day that allows you to revise some of your plans, straighten out problems and refurbish your energies. You can work to your best advantage at this time. Planning and setting things up to work in your favor is a positive. You attract money today and have good choices when it comes to investments. Any uncertainty concerning relationships can become better understood. This may mean that a family member needs more control over his or her own life and you could be more encouraging. Matters of freedom are discussions for this evening: freedom of an individual and the responsibility it entails. Positive results are possible when it comes to discussions with just the facts. You make a positive difference in many people?s lives.

Aries  March 21-April 19 Your reputation can grow due to your expertise and knowledge. Think about expanding your horizons and opening up to possibilities that you have never considered before. Your timing may not be right when it comes to expressing yourself; meditate. Health and work goals take on greater importance for you now. It may be better to hold off, if at all possible, on decisions concerning career or practical advice to others. You may find this a beneficial time for working, research, music, creative writing or low-key communication with those around you--especially with the very young. Light-hearted entertainment can be appreciated this evening. Perhaps you are surrounded by others whose ideals are similar to your own.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 This may be a challenging day. You can, however, use your skills to solve problems. Sorting things out and getting things and people organized keeps you busy most of this morning. There is a lot of mental energy churning around all day and it may be hard to put it to work--perhaps list making will help. Circumstances may prove difficult regarding communication, writing, ideas, etc. Things can get tight and you may find it hard to think or study during this time. Walk away from the work at hand by taking your breaks--move, climb stairs, view the sky, etc. You are successful in becoming more practical and conscientious. Taking care of the necessary complications of life--health, work and such--becomes a greater preoccupation.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 There could be a few challenges today as circumstances may block you or bring you to a standstill. It may be easy to work at cross-purposes to your own interests. This is a good time to step back and reevaluate your goals. Taking care of the necessary underpinnings of life--health, work and such--is important. Sorting things out and getting them organized keeps you busy today. This afternoon you may find yourself invited to join a competitive group. This could be in performing for others or in some sports activity. The performing would be easy and since high school you have wanted to act in a play or to take a class. As far as the sports, you are good at whatever you set your mind to achieve. Give this opportunity some positive thought.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 Being in touch with ideas and people on a large scale is something you enjoy diving into today. You may figure out resolutions to opposing views and you will certainly encourage better relations between people. You may have some real insight into world peace as well. Keep a log of your ideas and send them to your state representative--really! There is a greater than usual interest in social connections now. A cycle of romance and family is present today, emphasizing a need for security and a sense of roots. Family, home, relatives and real estate play a big part in your life at this time. There is also an interest in broadening your intellectual and spiritual horizons. You and a family member or friend may decide that further education can be enjoyed.

Leo  July 23-August 22 This is an excellent time to concentrate on project planning, education, publishing or the import-export business. Others may seek your expertise. Start to plan some sort of vacation now for around the twenty-fourth or twenty-fifth of this month. This will be the time when energies work in your favor to communicate and deepen relationships. Sometimes the planning is just as much fun as the vacation itself. Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued. A feeling of being at peace and stable on the emotional level comes to your attention at this time. Stability and permanence satisfies a deep emotional need. You may be moved to appreciate and discover new and admirable things about someone you love--perhaps a parent.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 You know a secure opportunity when you see one and are willing to put forth the work it takes to see the results of growth and stability. With a good mind for business and a strong desire to become financially secure, you might enjoy working in the world of finance. Financial speculation can be risky, but offers big rewards. Big changes are present where your creative processes are concerned--as if you are tearing things down to rebuild them anew. You are intense--perhaps driven. Romantic relationships have a fated, charismatic element about them now. Someone you love, or are infatuated with, is changing in fundamental ways. A visitor in your home may compliment you on your tastes. Clothing sales or design interests you.

Libra  September 23-October 23 There are motivating energies to feel better, gain more energy and to generally improve the physical body. Health goals are important and you may look into optional avenues to better health; it is good to have a choice. Do an inventory, seek advice and enjoy busying yourself with new ideas for better health. There could be radical changes affecting your sense of security, self-confidence and family. You may find yourself transforming your home or family situation--working through the superficialities and getting down to lasting values. Taking care of personal business is a major theme where your emotional orientation is concerned. You like organization and practicality and you want to get things accomplished.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best. Your analytical abilities are at a high point. Ideals and a sense of belonging to something bigger than the merely personal become a greater focus in your life at this time. You attach more importance to friendships and taking part in group activities that center on idealistic goals. Meeting yourself in another person is the keynote of a new cycle that begins for you now. Relationships--romantic, business, social--are the arena where this drama is played. In coming to know the other person, forging ties that bind two people, you come to a better understanding of yourself. It's easy in theory, but it's only in practice that it comes to mean anything real.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 This is a great time to be with others and to work together. You may be sought after as just the person for a particular job. Your management abilities are in high focus. You could be most persuasive with others at this time. You feel inspired and this is an excellent time to follow your creative muse. Look for ways to eliminate unnecessary or nonproductive situations from your life. Take a well-defined position in ethical matters. The situation is a natural for self-expression and lends itself to your particular ideas. Others value you for your ability to make practical decisions concerning group issues. This evening is a good time for surrounding yourself with friends and young people and for having a good time. You enjoy support from loved ones.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 Emotions may flare up or arguments occur that work against your own best interests. Be prepared and walk softly. Others could challenge a decision--this makes you strong. Your intelligence is the key ingredient to instigating change in the workplace now. This is a good time to apply for a loan or begin a project. Take the time now to read all contracts and let things develop slowly. Material things and the whole concept of value take on an appeal. Financial security and enjoying the finer things in life, appreciating and creating things others long to have assumes a high priority. You and your loved one may enjoy attending a social function this evening. The frustrations of the day just seem to fade away.