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Bangla Film Actor Riaz 1972

Riaz (Bengali: রিয়াজ; born Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique on 26 October 1972) often credited as Riaz, is an Bangladeshi film actor. Riaz made his Dhallywood film debut in Banglar Nayok (1995). Inspired by his cousin Bobita. Riaz was a Bangladeshi film actor not only this he is a famous model as well as a film producer and television host. It was beyond Riaz's imagination that he would become a heartthrob to millions of people in the country. He was selected best actor and awarded with National Film Awards in the years of 2000, 2007 and 2009 by the government for acting in the films Dui Duari, Daruchini Dip and Ki Jadu Korila respectively. Meanwhile, he has acted in more than one hundred Bengali Films. Riaz was born in Faridpur District but his paternal home is in Jessore District.

Riaz's films such as Praner Cheye Priyo (1997). Hridoyer Aina and Kajer Meye (1998). Prithibi Tomar Amar and Bhalobasi Tomake (1999). E Badhon Jabena Chire, Bhownkor Bishu and Dui Duari (2000). Hridoyer Bandhon, O Priya Tumi Kothay and Premer Taj Mahal (2002). Moner Majhe Tumi has been top grossing in Bangladesh for (2003). Wrong Number (2004). Shasti: Punishment (2004). Molla Barir Bou (2005). Hridoyer Kotha (2006). Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa (2008) remain some of the Bangladesh film industries biggest hits.

Born Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique
26 October 1972 (1972-10-26) (age 38)
Faridpur District, Bangladesh
Occupation Actor, Model, Producer and television host
Years active 1995 – Present
Spouse Tina (2007 - Present)
"Riaz Ahamed"


Riaz with his wife Tina, in between the shooting Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa Rangamati, at 2008.

Riaz was born to a Muslim family and brought up in the CNB staff quarters of Faridpur District. His father, late Zainuddin Ahamed Siddique. Mother Anzuman Ara Begum. his family name is Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique. He has six sisters all are married, and a brother Raisuddin ahamed siddique. Riaz was married in the year of 2007 December 18 with Bangladeshi simple model girl Tina. Riaz was side of film acting dealings a business of sea food production company. Called Yes Corporation Ltd in Banani, Dhaka. He also Director of Ashiyan Group in Gulshan circle 2, Dhaka.

BAF career

Riaz in between the Bangladesh Air Force plane 627 flying on 14 August, 1991.

It seems that Riaz was not far from achieving his dreams when he cleared the exams for being a pilot right after his HSC results. From then on it was smooth sailing for this athlete, as he became a top-rate fighter pilot. Riaz was as a pilot and flown a total 300 hours in jet fighter. He went under training in Turkey on a scholarship for one and half years. "Good old days," reminisces Riaz. However, he was later dismissed from the Bangladesh Air Force due to a misunderstanding with the authority.

Film career


Riaz was a pilot of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). He has next time joined in Bangladesh Film Industry. Riaz had never in his wildest dreams imagined he would become a heartthrob to millions of people in the country. Inspired by his cousin Bobita, one of the leading ladies in Film of the country, Riaz turned to acting. Youngest among eight siblings, Riaz's mother was against her son joining the Bangladesh Film Industry in the year of 1995 – Present.


Riaz made his movie debut in Banglar Nayok (1995), Directed by Dewan Nazrul. Though the film did not grant him wide fame. 1997 was a particularly good year for Riaz, both commercially and critically. He starred in Mohammad Hannan's direction film, the action, comedy and love Praner Cheye Priyo. The film did well at the box office. In 1998, gets similar success films Hridoyer Aina directed by Mokhlesur Rahman Golap and Azadi Hasnat Firoz's Kajer Meye. In 1999, renowned film-maker Badal Khandoker's film Prithibi Tomar Amar. The film did well at the box office. Similar success also the film Motin Rahman's Biyer Phul and Mohammad Hannan's second one with Riaz Bhalobasi Tomake.


In 2000 he had a good year, famous film director F. I. Manik's E Badhon Jabena Chire. The film did well at the box office. He then played the role of a strong husband. Narir Mon directed by Motin Rahman. Last of the same year, Montazur Rahman Akbar's Bhownkor Bishu. Got was same success. Riaz was first time acted the most popular Writer and Film maker Humayun Ahmed’s Dui Duari. He has highly appreciated by film critics. His performance won him his first National Film Awards. In 2001, Motin Rahman triangle love stories film Ei Mon Chai Je...!. This one failed to do well at the box office. Follows the Lalon's popular song Milon Habe Kato Dine title Milon Habe Kato Dine. Directed by Zakir Hossain Raju, The movie did well at the box office. his movies. In 2002. Mostafizur Rahman Babu's Mone Pare Tomake. Riaz was acting with Bollywood actress Riya Sen. Riya Sen was first time acting of the Bangladeshi film. Syeedur Rahman Syeed's Eri Nan Dosti. Riaz was acting with another Bollywood star Shakti Kapoor. Shakti Kapoor is same to Riya Sen. Many wise and famous director of Bangladeshi films Chashi Nazrul Islam. He was made a film based on the world famous Bengali poet, novelist and musician Rabindranath Tagore's short story Shasti. Was same title Shasti: Punishment. Riaz then played the role of an Hindu person as Chhidam.


2005 was a particularly good year for Riaz’s. Bangladeshi famous novelist, writer and film maker Zahir Raihan’s most popular novel book is Hajar Bachhor Dhore (Through Thousand Years). Was based made a Bengali film title Hajar Bachhor Dhore. Riaz then played a common role of the film as Montu. And co-artist newcomer Shashi played another common role of the film as Tuni. The film directed by Zahir Raihan’s wife, evergreen actress of Bengali social films Kohinur Akter Suchanda. His performance won him a Meril Prothom Alo Best Film Actor Award. 2006, was released a international quality full and quintessential love triangle film Na Bolona. The film, producer turned directed by Bangladeshi filmmaker Didarul Alam Badal. It was highly appreciated by film critics and many viewers for the chosen to shooting locations in Bangladesh. In 2007, Riaz was acted famous TV actor Toukir Ahmed’s second direction film Daruchini Dip based on Humayun Ahmed’s popular novella Daruchini Dip. and Riaz then played a common role of the film as Shuvro. Co-artist Lux Channel I Super Star Jakia Bari Momo played another common role of the film. He was got won National Best Film Actor Award. 2009 was a particularly good year for Riaz, both commercially and critically. He starred in Murad Parvez's directorial debut, the classical Chandra Grahan. He then played the role of an folk singer, Akash Gayen in Chandan Chowdhury's social love Ki Jadu Korila. He was got won National Best Film Actor Award In that same year, Rias performance in famous lady filmmaker Nargis Akter Megher Koley Rode. It is the sequel to the 2000 film, Meghla Akash. A Generating awareness on HIV/AIDS. Done in conventional "Dhaliwood" style, the film features dances, playbacks and fights in a decent manner. Many wise actor and writer ATM Shamsuzzaman's directorial debut, Ebadat based on Religion of Islam. Riaz was highly appreciated by the film critics.


2010 was a disappointing year for Riaz as all his films released that year failed to do well at the box office. Without only the film Zamindar.

In 2011, Bangladeshi renowned film-maker Shahjahan Chowdhury's classic film Modhumoti. He played of the role an difficult struggle young man as Abu.


Riaz was acting a Hollywood-Bollywood join venture project. The film work processing from 2005. The film title was It Was Raining That Night, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Another stars Sushmita Sen, Riya Sen, Victor Banerjee, Mahesh Manjrekar, Moon Moon Sen, Atit Shah, Dawn Moeller and Stefanie Siegel.


Riaz was many time success made countable tow pair with Shabnur and Purnima. Event he once trying to made another pair with Poppy. But their not been success. A time, Riaz was face some problem also Bangladeshi director-producer's is heroine short of lead with Riaz. Mainly solve the problem time to time. Their (Director-Producer) was called Indian heroine Riya Sen and Rituparna Sengupta. But the planning success too short time. there not keep long time the success. So, Riaz's countable pairs only with Shabnur and Purnima.

Pair with Shabnur

Riaz was made a popular pair with super heroine Shabnur of the Bangladesh Film Industry. Their pair was give many excellent film of the Bangladeshi viewers. Their first film released was Mon Manena in (1997). The film directed by Motin Rahman. The film failed to do well at the box office. In (2002), Gazi Mahbub's Premer Taj Mahal. Their was played a love tragedy, the role of an Muslim and Christan. The film did well at the box office. Shahadat Hossain Liton's Triangle love O Priya Tumi Kothay. Another hero Shakib Khan. The film title is follows on youngster singer Asif Akbar's most popular song O Priya Tumi Kothay. Bangladeshi renowned film-maker F. I. Manik's Hridoyer Bandhon. The film did well at the box office. Famous TV mega serial director Salauddin Lavlu's Molla Barir Bou (2005). The film did well at the box office. Their also played Bangladeshi many wise actors come writer ATM Shamshuzzaman's directorial debut Ebadat. The film based on Religion of Islam. Excreta are notable. Their Upcoming film Shiri Farhad. The film directed by Gazi Mahbub. Meanwhile, their pair acted more than forty Bengali films.

Pair with Purnima

Riaz and Purnima, in the rehearsal of Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa Rangamati, at 2008.

Riaz made was another strong pair with sweet beautiful heroine Purnima. Their first film released was E Jibon Tomar Amar (1997). Directed by Zakir Hossain Raju. Purnima also debut was this film. Their also played in one of the biggest hit of Bengali film history Moner Majhe Tumi (2002). It was there big successful and uncommon complement for the all categories viewers of Bengali film. This one directed by many wise and famous film director Motiur Rahman Panu. A project of Bangladesh-India Joint venture. He also starred in S. A. Haque Olike's directorial debut Hridoyer Kotha (2006). Riaz was producer debut this one. He then played the role of an classic singer. The film did well at the box office. In (2008), S. A. Haque Olike's second one Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa. The film also did well at the box office. Upcoming film of this pair Ek Prithibi Prem. Directed by same director is S. A. Haque Olike. In the mean time, this pair acted was more than thirty Bengali films.

Most acting role

Riaz was acting of most role as Sagar in sixteen time. His also some role with film title is mentioned below.

  • Sagar - Mon Manena, Tumi Shudhu Tumi, Prithibi Amare Chayna, Biyer Phul, Buk Bhara Bhalobasa, Kajer Meye, Mone Rekho Amay, Hridoye Lekha Nam, Khepa Bashu, O Priya Tumi Kothay, Lal Doria, Swapner Bashor, Chhotto Ektu Bhalobasa, Biyer Logon, Ki Jadu Korila and film of Chander Moto Bou.
  • Akash - Narir Mon, Hridoyer Bondhon, Badha, Tomakei Khujchhi, Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa, Ke Ami: Who am I, Dhoni Goriber Prem, Mon Bosena and film of Mon Chhuyechhe Mon.
  • Anik - Bhalobasi Tomake, Bidrohi Charidike, Khobordar, Gundar Prem, Hridoer Kotha and film of Chirodin Tumi Amar.


Film actor

Year Film Role Director Co-Artist Notes
1995 Banglar Nayok Munna Dewan Nazrul Sonia Riaz debut was this film.
1996 Ajante Ashik Dilip Biswas Sonia
Bachar Larai Raju Syed Harun Sonia
Priyojon Sumon Rana Naser Shilpi
1997 Praner Cheye Priyo Anik / Rony Mohammad Hannan Raveena
Prithibi Amare Chayna Sagar Anjan Snikdha
Mon Manena Sagar Motin Rahman Shabnur first film of Riaz-Shabnur pair's.
Tumi shudhu Tumi Sagar Abid Hasan Badal Shabnur
1998 Hridoyer Aina Hridoy Mokhlesur Rahman Golap Aina Aina debut was in this film.
Biyer Phul Sagar Motin Rahman Shabnur
Bhalobasi Tomake Anik Mohammad Hannan Shabnur
E Jibon Tomar Amar Prithibi Zakir Hossain Raju Purnima Purnima debut was in this film.
Buk Bhara Bhalobasa Sagar Chhotku Ahmend Shabnur
Bidrohi Charidike Anik/Biplob Mohammad Hannan Poppy
1999 Prithibi Tomar Amar Shawon Badal Khandoker Shabnur
Kajer Meye Sagar Azadi Hasnat Firoz Shabnur
Swapner Purush Noor Monowar Khokon Shabnur
Asha Amar Asha Jadu Helal Khan Shabnur and Ayesha Jhulka Ayesha Jhulka was first time acting of the Bangladeshi film.
Tomar Janno Pagol Jibon Shilpi Chakraborti Shabnur This one last film of Riaz-Shabnur pair's. Bangladeshi local media published it. BFDC area also same.
2000 Narir Mon Akash Motin Rahman Shabnur
Dui Duari Untitled Humayun Ahmed Shawon
E Badhon Jabena Chhire Badhon F. I. Manik Shabnur
Sabdhan Riazur Rahman Khoka / Sultan Mohammad Hannan Raveena
Noyoner Noyon Gahor Kazi Morshed Shabjan
Mone Rekho Amay Sagar Nasir Uddin Purnima
Bhownkor Bishu Surjo Montazur Rahman Akbar Shabnur
Khabordar Anik Mohammad Hannan Purnima
Ei Mon Chai Je..! Shamim Motin Rahman Shabnur
Mayer Samman Biplob Gazi Jahangir Purnima
2001 Karishma Moni A. K. M. Selim Shabnur
Dalopati Shahid Mohammad Hannan Raveena
Ami Tomari
Motin Rahman Shabnur
Iblish Galam E Mostafa Sheik Ruhul Amin Purnima
Hridoyer Bandhon Akash F. I. Manik Shabnur
Dhawa Riaz Kazi Hayat Simla
Hridoye Lekha Nam Sagar Sheikh Didar Tamanna
Premer Taj Mahal Rabin Gazi Mahbub Shabnur
Kathin Bastab Rasha Montazur Rahman Akbar Keya Keya debut was in this film.
2002 Mone Pare Tomake Raj Mostafizur Rahman Babu Riya Sen Riya Sen was first time acting of the Bangladeshi film.
Khepa Basu Sagar Kamol Sarkar Poppy
Eri Nan Dosti Raju Syeedur Rahman Syeed Shabnur Shakti Kapoor was first time acting of the Bangladeshi film..
Nishwase Tumi Bishwase Tumi Apon Zakir Hossain Raju Shabnur and Purnima
Shashur Bari Zindabad Badhon Debashish Biswas Shabnur
Sundori Badhu Babu Amzad Hossain Shabnur
Bhalobasar Shatru Raju Aziz Ahmed Babul Keya
Oder Dhar Rashed Babul Reza Poppy
Bastir Meye Jony Azadi Hasnat Firoz Shabnur
Antore Jhar Major Swadhin Shilpi Chakraborti Aina and Sonia
O Priya Tumi Kothay Sagar Shahadat Hossain Liton Shabnur The film title follows was youngster singer Asif Akbar's most popular song O Priya Tumi Kothay
Bhalobasa Kare Koy Suvo Zakir Hossain Raju Shabnur Winner Best Actor BFPDA Film Awards 2002.
Milon Habe Kato Dine Parosh Zakir Hossain Raju Shabnur The film title follows on Lalon's Famous song Milon Habe Kato Dine
2003 Moner Majhe Tumi Chintu / Benu Motiur Rahman Panu Purnima Bangladesh-India Joint venture project. The film was been top grossing in Bangladesh for (2003).
Lal Doria Sagar F. I. Manik Purnima
Gundar Prem Anik Badsha Bhai Shabnur Gundar Prem film was gets a great popularity. But the film authority take a bad decision, it the film has re-release a new title as Kala Manik in 2005. So, it is a black spot for the Bangladesh Film Industry histories.
Mon Noyon Mostafizur Rahman Babu Shabnur
Matir Phul Mati Motin Rahman Shabnur
Jamai Shashur Farhad Khan Shahdat Khan Purnima
Nashiman Raj Kumar Alam Ali Azad Shabnur
Swapner Bashor Sagar F. I. Manik Shabnur
2004 Megher Pare Megh: Clouds After Cloud Sejan Mahmud / Majid Chashi Nazrul Islam Purnima Bangladesh Liberation War based film.
Wrong Number Abir Motin Rahman Shrbanti Shrbanti debut was in this film.
Swapner Bhalobasa Badhon Zillur Rahman Shabnur
Tok Jhal Mishti Raja Debashish Biswas Purnima
Nashta Biplob Shahin Sumon Ratna
Shyamol Chhaya Imam Humayun Ahmed Tania and Shawon Bangladesh Liberation War based film.
Shasti: Punishment Chhidam Chashi Nazrul Islam Purnima The film based on Rabindranath Tagore's short story Shasti.
Prem Korechi Besh Korechi Raj Badal Khondker Rituparna Sengupta and Poppy Bangladesh-India Joint venture Project.
2005 Bishakto Chok: The Blue Eye Nabin Masud Parvez Rubel Poppy
Hajar Bachhor Dhore Montu Kohinur Akter Suchanda Shashi Winner Meril Prothom Alo Awards Best Actor 2005.

Shashi debut was in this film.

Chhotto Ektu Bhalobasa Sagar G. Sarker Purnima
Taka: The Ultimate Magic Shanta / Drubalok Shahidul Islam Khokon Purnima We may continues…
Bhalobasa Bhalobasa Jibon Mohammad Hannan Shabnur
Bakul Phuler Mala Bakul Delwar Jahan Jhantu Tanjika Tanjika debut was in this film.
Molla Barir Bou Joan Gazi Salauddin Lavlu Moushumi and Shabnur Salauddin Lavlu directorial debut.
2006 Maleka Sundori Ali Nur Hossain Moni Neha
Hridoyer Kotha Anik S. A. Haque Olike Purnima Riaz's producing debut.
Khelaghor: Dollhouse Yakub Morshedul Islam Saba Winner BFFS Film Awards Best Actor.

Bangladesh Liberation War based film.

Badha Akash Shahim Sumon Purnima
Bidrohi Padma Raju Badal Khondoker Poppy NTV producing debut.
Na Bolona Antor Didarul Alam Badal Simla and Sumona Soma
2007 Dui Noyoner Alo Special appearance Mostafizur Rahman Manik Shabnur In song Tumi Khub Sadharan Ekti Meye
Biyer Lagon Sagar G. Sarkar Jona
Sathi Tumi Kar Raja M. M. Sarkar Purnima
Daruchini Dip Suvro Toukir Ahmed Zakia Bari Momo Winner National Film Awards best Actor Award.

Zakia Bari Momo debut was in this film.

Jiboner Cheya Dami Jibon Mostafizur Rahman Babu Purnima
Ekjon Sange Chilo Monsur Sawkat Jamil Moushumi
2008 Tomakei Khujchi Akash Motin Rahman Purnima
Tumi Kato Sundor Noyon Abid Hasan Badal Purnima
Megher Koley Rode Udoy Nargis Akter Poppy and Tony Dayes This one also feature that the film deals with the issue of HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Bangladeshi film.
Meye Sakkhi Chhabur Talukder Malek Biswas Shabnur
Chandra Grohon
Murad Parvez Sohana Saba
Ki Jadu Korila Sagar Chandan Chowdhury Poppy Winner National Film Awards best Actor Award.
Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa Akash S. A. Haque Olike Purnima
2009 Ke Ami: Who am I Akash / Hamid Khan Wakil Ahmed Purnima Hollywood styling first film in Bangladesh.
Dhoni Gariber Prem Akash Abid Hasan Badal Purnima
Tumi Amar Swami Rawnak Montazur Rahman Akbar Shabnur
Shubho Bibaho Arman Debashish Biswas Apu Biswas
Mon Basena Parar Tebile Akash Abdul Mannan Shabnur
Chirodin Tumi Amar Anik F. I. Manik Purnima and Rumana ATN Bangla producing debut.
2010 Chader Moto Bou Sagar Mohammad Hossain Shabnur and Nipun
Mon Chuyechhe Mon Akash Mostafizur Rahman Manik Shabnur and Jona
Badhu Tumi Kar Maruf B. R. Chowdhury Shabnur
Bhalobese Bou Anbo Zahid Chandan Chowdhury Shabnur and Shahara
Ebadat Khoka ATM Shamsuzzaman Shabnur ATM Shamshuzzaman directorial debut
Zamindar Raju Montazur Rahman Akbar Purnima
Bajaw Bier Bajna Rajib Mohammad Hossain Jamie Apu Biswas
2011 Modhumoti Abu Shahjahan Chowdhury Chaity
Bondhu Tumi Amar
Nazrul Islam Purnima Pre-production
Shiri Farhad Farhad Gazi Mahbub Shabnur Pre-production
Ek Prithibi Prem Special appearance S. A. Haque Olik Purnima Filming
Kusum Kusum Prem
Musfiqur Rahman Guljar Moushumi Pre-production
Swami Amar Ahankar
Sohanur Rahman Sohan Purnima Filming
Dui Purush
Chashi Nazrul Islam Moushumi Filming
Tumi Amar Mon Kerechho
Sohanur Rahman Sohan
Hridoy Achhe Jaar
Ferdous Hasan Purnima Filming
It Was Raining That Night Munna Mahesh Manjrekar Sushmita Sen and Riya Sen A Hollywood-Bollywood joint venture project.

Production possessed from 2005.

Hridoyer Mohonay
Motin Rahman Purnima Filming


Riaz turned into a producer when he set up a production company called PATHIK with Tuhin Borua in 2005. The first one of the film he produced and starred in: Hridoyer Kotha 2006 which was a box office blockbuster hit in Bangladesh and got a great popularity among of all categories viewers. The film directed by newcomer director S. A. Haque Olike. Riaz was then played the common role with Purnima. special appearance super heroin of Bangladesh Moushumi. Released on 18 October, 2006.


Riaz in the mean time acted many drama, mega drama and Telefilm. He can't regular in television sector of Bangladesh. Riaz invited guest to most popular television magazine program Ittyadi by Hanif Sanket. On Bangladesh Television BTV. He also invited guest in Valentine Special Magazine Amar Ami with his wife Tina on Bangla Vision Riaz performed on television presentation of Meril-Prothom Alo Awards 2007. And Bangladeshi television musical talent show Shah Cement Nirmaner Taroka 2010 on ATN Bangla. presentation by Riaz and his wife Tina. Excreta are notable.

Television Drama’s

Title Director Co-artist Notes
Ure Jai Bok Pokkhi Humayun Ahmed Shawon Mega Serial
Ogo Badhu Sundori
Purnima Telefilm
Tulite Aka Swapno S. A. Haque Olik Shabanti Telefilm

Afsana Mimi Riya Telefilm
Jomunar Jol Dekh te KAalo Humayun Ahmed Shawon Drama
Hablanger Bazare Humayun Ahmed Shawon
Badal Diner Prothom Kadam Humayun Ahmed Shawon
Amra Tin Jan Humayun Ahmed Shawon
Naya Rickswa Humayun Ahmed Shawon
Mem Saheb S. A. Haque Olik Poppy Telefilm
Paromitar Dinratri Bulbul Ahmed Oindrila
Anurager Chhoan Bulbul Ahmed Oindrila
Chicken Tikkia Masalla S. A. Haque Olik Sarika Telefilm
Moner Modya Akash Afsana Mimi Riya Telefilm
Eider Diary
Joya Ahsan
Amader Nurul Huda Mahfuz Ahmed Mahfuz Ahmed Mega Serial


  • Top 10 Cigarette (Tobacco) N. B.: Unfortunately, first time of acting career.
  • Uro Cola, (Soft Drink)
  • Uro Lemon, (Soft Drink)
  • Uro Orange, (Orange Juice)
  • Berger Jhilik Berger Paints
  • Nasir Float Glass
  • Aktel Furti, (GSM Mobile Sim Package) Aktel)
  • Nasir Float Glass - 2
  • Aktel Furti – Again, (GSM Mobile Sim Package Aktel)
  • Danish Condensed Milk.
  • Wheel Power White (Washing Powder by Unilever)
  • Uro Lemon – 2, (Soft Drink)
  • Uro Cola – 2, (Soft Drink)
  • Ashiyan city, (a Lands Development Co.)

Television host

  • Meril Prothom Alo Awards (2007)
  • Shah Cement Nirmaner Taroka (2010)
  • Shah Cement Nirmaner Taroka - Special Program for Eid ul-Fitr (2010)

Awards and achievements

Riaz against himself best performance was Won National Best Actor Award 3rd times. And Meril-Prothom Alo Award 5th times. He also nominated many time varieties category and won others award ventures.

International achievement

National Film Awards

  • Won:Best Actor for Dui Duari 2000
  • Won:Best Actor for Daruchini Dip 2007
  • Won:Best Actor for Ki Jadu Korila 2009

Meril-Prothom Alo Awards

  • Nominate:Best Actor for '
  • Won:Best Actor for ' 1998
  • Won:Best Actor for ' 2001
  • Won:Best Actor for ' 2002
  • Won:Best Performance (Critiks) ' 2004
  • Won:Best Actor (Critiks) Hajar Bachhor Dhore 2005

BJFA Awards

  • Won Best Actor: for ' 1998

BFFS Film Awards

  • Won Best Actor: for Khelaghor 2006

BFPDA Film Awards

  • Won Best Actor: for Bhalo bashak kare koy 2002.

Lux Channel i Performance Award

  • Won:Best Performance for ' 2003 in Dubai
  • Won:Best Performance for ' 2005

Bangla TV Best Performance Award

  • Won:Best Critic for ' 2003 in London

Dhallywood Film and Music Awards

  • Won:Best Actor for ' 2002 in New York
  • Won:Best Critic for ' 2003 in New York

Public Consciousness

Riaz often participate at the some of public consciousness program. Because, Bangladeshi maximum people not alert the world most problems. The planning by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi many people liked film stars. It's only for this performed by film's popular face and published on television screen. The National HIV/AIDS Control public consciousness program's. Riaz was perform with some more film stars is Manna, Moushumi and Purnima. Tuberculosis TB is a major public health problem in Bangladesh. Riaz was second time performed for this public consciousness program. Under the Tuberculosis TB program's bill board showing on common public place in all over Bangladesh. Event Riaz was acting a public consciousness based film Megher Koley Rode 2009. This one also second time as feature that the film deals with the issue of HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Bangladeshi film. First one is Meghla Akash 2002. The film producer turned directed by Bangladeshi famous lady filmmaker Nargis Akter.

  • National HIV/AIDS Control Publicity Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  • National TB Control Program (NTP) Tuberculosis