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Bangladeshi Singer Pilu Momtaz 2011

Pilu Montaz (? - May 23, 2011) was a Bangladeshi singer, who helped popularize pop music in Bangladesh in the years following the country's independence. The Bengali-language pop music is now referred to as "Bangla Pop."

Montaz was born in Dhaka. She was the third of seven children born to the late Bangladeshi singer Ustad Momtaz Ali.

She launched her pop music career in the years immediately following Bangladesh's independence in 1971. Momtaz is widely credited with popularizing the local Bangla Pop together with other contemporary singers, including Fakir Alamgir, Azam Khan, Najma Zaman and Ferdous Wahid. Her major hits included "Ekdin Tho Choley Jabo," "Chara Gaachh-e Phool Phuitachhey," and "Majhi Nao Chhaira Dey," a song written by Bangladeshi songwriter and poet, Jasimuddin. The Daily Star, one of the country's major newspapers, cited Montaz as an influence on prominent female Bangladeshi pop singers of the 2000s. She also covered some Bangladeshi and Bengali folk music, including "Nani Go Nani," and "Orey Sampanwala."

Her final public performance took place at the 2010 Citycell-Channel i Music Awards. Momtaz took the stage at the awards show with Fakir Alamgir and Ferdous Wahid to perform the song, "Ek Second-er Nai Bhorosha," as a tribute to the late singer, Firoz Shai.

Pilu Momtaz died from a heart attack at Apollo Hospital in Dhaka on May 22, 2011, at the age of 52. She was survived by her husband, Lieutenant Colonel Anwaruzzaman, and their daughter, Homayra Zaman Mou. Her funeral was held DOHS Baridhara Jaam-e Mosque with burial at the Banani cemetery adjacent to her father's grave.