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Thursday Zodiac October 6

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 You are a good worker, always thinking and caring for things. You are naturally service-oriented and enjoy taking care of the needs of others. You are very discriminating and can sort out the good apples from the bad. A career in one of the service or health occupations is possible--you may find yourself automatically taking care of the needs of others. Your occupation may involve health, food and all attempts to restore, salvage and make the best out of things. You never forsake your ideals when it comes to relationships of any kind. Your imagination is at its best when you are being social or relating to others. You have a real vision of what is involved in the making of a good marriage. This evening is a great time to have a quiet dinner with a loved one.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 This is a high-cycle day with lots of desire to compete with yourself and others. You may try and beat an invisible record of some sort. Learning to manage change--much of it arising from social or technological developments--is vitally important now. Don't be caught sleeping at the switch, thinking that things will remain the same. Things will not remain the same, and if you do not prepare yourself to deal with change, you could find the rug pulled out from under you! Now is a time to gather and exchange information that prepares you to stay on top of things. Others value you for your ability to make practical decisions concerning group issues. You have a natural sense of what the public wants at this time. Clear decisions affecting others could be made.

Aries  March 21-April 19 You may decide that it is time to take your work more seriously than usual. A lot of energy goes into getting things scheduled and organized. You are favored today. You should see an overall improvement in your finances because of all the extra work with which you have become involved. Consider asking for a raise. Good luck and positive actions are in the forecast. Fate sends opportunity your way. New information can change your outlook, but you must be on the lookout for it. A closure can be placed on a personal matter today. Your efforts in letting go of this matter will be beneficial. Change is the easiest thing to do. Let it flow and let it go. This is one of your best overall days. Love is in the air this evening--anything is possible!

Taurus  April 20-May 20 Mix-ups may occur over appointments today. Trivial matters have a way of escalating before you know it--look at what is underneath it all. Remember, it takes a brave and considerate person to say "I am sorry" when you must delay some transaction for a reason. ` So much can be transpiring on so many levels at this time. You may find yourself in the role of peacemaker although you could be in the middle of solving your own turmoil. Before going home this evening, pick up some lavender or lavender scent potpourri at a florist or plant store. The aroma from this plant has a way of relaxing the most frustrated. A friend that you have lost contact with may come back into your life this evening. You feel like visiting, maybe a phone call is in order.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 You reap the rewards of your hard work this week--even though it may only be the good feeling that comes when you know you have done your best. This is a gratifying day. Hand-eye coordination is important--play those computer games or video games and do not feel so guilty. Balance is important, of course, and this may be a good thing to check out right now. This is the best time to join that club or group activity. The energy of a group activity that has the same interests as you do can boost your morale, add to your friendship list and give yourself opportunities to network. Someone near you needs the benefit of the doubt for now. This could be a young person just wanting to be independent. Relax with a loved one this evening.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 This could be a challenging day. However, there are wonderful opportunities to move up the corporate ladder and speaking up for your own self is a wise decision. Promote yourself by submitting a proposal to help you advance. This is truly a time to accomplish much. Your management expertise is in high focus and higher-ups are aware of your hard work. You may hesitate in requesting help for some sort of research project but it is important that you are able to allocate and encourage others to help you progress. You are able to be productive and disciplined in your work. You may appear very at-ease and loose this evening. After a tough day at work you are ready for play. You could find a loved one has ideas of how the two of you could relax.

Leo  July 23-August 22 You will be pleased at the progress you have made today--just take a look! This is a satisfying day. Achieving wholeness is the focal point of all areas of your life and this includes the physical as well as the professional, emotional and spiritual. You are ready to achieve a balance in your life. This may not, however, be a good time to make decisions about money. You may want to begin a vacation at this time. If you are not vacationing, you may want to plan some sort of fun outing this evening or for tomorrow evening. Perhaps you can get away from the city lights so you can view the sky with a loved one. Viewing the heavens should be great just now--weather permitting, of course. Good cuddling weather!

Virgo  August 23-September 22 If needed, a loan can be obtained today. This is also a time to shed illusions--fast. New information can change your outlook and your life. You may be experiencing a bit of a crunch as your career direction squares off against your more personal interests. This may be a real test for you. There are opportunities for success; watch. You may find yourself more than a little acquisitive and your current appreciation for just about everything may lead you to overspend; careful. Staying in the role of observer can be much more effective when dealing with family conflicts just now. You may be right in thinking others are not ready for your input just yet. Create the opportunity for everyone around your living quarters to enjoy the evenings.

Libra  September 23-October 23 Any form of professional advice can be successfully obtained today and tomorrow. Your timing should be perfect and those around you should find you most spontaneous. Learning about people and understanding the difficult personality is an accomplishment you enjoy. You are determined to complete any required tasks and to help others with any unfinished work. You feel a love of order and you appreciate responsibilities and duty. The opportunity to interact with other people while you work is something that you also enjoy, although many people may not have your same enthusiasm. You seem to draw out the best in everyone. Much is accomplished today. Consider joining a spa or exercise group or perhaps begin one for an after-work group.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 Taking care of business is a major theme where your goals are concerned. You avoid the trap of new-is-always-better and you set out to complete transactions in the most accurate and fast way as possible. You may feel more confident than ever; co-workers watch and learn and higher-ups are proud to have you on the team. This evening, you may want to take a look at some new and exciting recipes that will help you on that diet you have either just started or will be starting soon. Meeting the challenge of improving your overall fitness can be more enjoyable if you have a goal. Check out the possibilities of purchasing fun and healthy tidbits for a social event. Consider making your own goodies; add your name and recipe to the goodies you share.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You could have difficulty getting your ideas across to others today. You may want to take the back seat and watch the developing outcome. You may have doubts about those who talk too much and seem long on ideas. Cooperative ventures are more advisable toward the end of this month. There could be things you would not enjoy putting up with if you push situations too fast for now. Working conditions improve considerably today and tomorrow. Travel, publishing, teaching and education are strong interests and offer excellent opportunities for growth in many areas of your life. Romance is on your mind this afternoon. If you have been afraid to make the first move in becoming acquainted with someone new, now is the time to make your move.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 Radical and inventive ideas hold the key to realizing your ambitions and advancing your status--a shakeup is in the works. Perhaps this is a time to think and study--you have a real appreciation for creative thinking. You may find yourself enjoying a long conversation, writing a letter or making a special phone call. Your expectations are high. It is tempting to over obligate your time or energy--keep a balance in all your affairs. Your primary influence at this time involves the need to clarify your priorities. You may find that your friends have a great need for your time and efforts this afternoon. Someone is moving and may appreciate your willing hands or wheels. All of this should go rather smoothly. Someone is in need of your praise this evening.