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Friday Horoscope September 2

Aries  March 21-April 19 This fairly calm day should find business running smoothly. Ideas and interaction with authority figures or older people may be in your forecast for later this afternoon. Consider taking notes on changes the company could make that might create more revenue. Working with--rather than against--the flow should be easy to do. You are disciplined and you work hard and are good at getting others to work with and for you. A resourceful co-worker friend is more than willing to help you progress. Romance and other things that tug at the heart strings come your way as a new cycle begins this evening. If you are a male, you may need to deal with the fact that a particular female may be earning more than you--enjoy.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 Your ambitions and goals are central to your character. Today you will be considering your goals and how close you are to reaching them. Much of your personal life hinges on pursuing your own growth and success in the working world. Your focus is most concentrated on the success of some long-term endeavor just now. When in the mood, you love to express yourself, entertain and perform for others and enjoy being surrounded by an audience. This afternoon you may find yourself shopping for clothes. A garage sale treasure is nearby. This evening you could be entertaining a few of your co-workers. You are very magnetic and dynamic. There is something about you that others cannot seem to get enough of and others love to be with you.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued today. However, you could find that both your personal growth and your career may depend upon how you can handle the very sensitive psychological material that is coming up now. You will benefit from analytical insights, getting to the heart of things--penetrating. An intense emotional drama is available; if that is what you need. You have the choice and the ability to change a negative into a positive, but do not push. This afternoon is the perfect time for a little exercise . . . a bicycle ride around the neighborhood with a friend or a brisk walk. Later tonight you have fun planning a weekend trip with your loved one. Perhaps a camping trip before the weather turns cold.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 You have the mind of a lawyer, always able to size up a problem and come up with a solution. Using your mind to negotiate obstacles and handle dilemmas--yours or those of others--is a great talent. You have an innate ability to guide and lead others through the hurdles and hassles of life. You could be very much in demand as a counselor. You are good at solving problems and can teach others some of your techniques. This is a real time to buckle down and strengthen your career. Your organizational abilities and sense of responsibility will prove successful. Your career could also assume a much more determined form and you will find yourself increasingly assertive and able to exude a positive self-confidence. Love is in the air tonight.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 The positive pictures that you can create in your mind can give you an unlimited supply of energy today. You could learn to use these pictures in the future if you ever have feelings of inadequacy. Real power is always hidden but you seem compelled to deal with the great mysteries that are in your life. A bout of philosophy or even a little religion could have an enormous effect on your career during this time. Lasting values, whatever you find to be true, can guide you now and they will open up avenues that have previously been blocked. The creative side of you is aching to perform and this evening you may find yourself redecorating, cooking or learning some new artistic medium. Perhaps a group focused on self-expression--poetry, dance, etc.

Leo  July 23-August 22 Challenging authority will likely play a bigger role in your life now. Questions are good--if done in a respectful way. If there is something that needs changing, think about writing a couple of paragraphs and then submitting them to your supervisor. It is also wise to have facts that back up your ideas, so try and provide as many facts as possible. Today you seem to have the power and confidence you need to get an important message across to others. The new broom sweeps clean. There is a chance to understand those around you and to have a special time with someone you love. General good feeling and a sense of support and harmony makes this a happy time. A fund raising drive may need new plans this evening. Perhaps adding a few new people will help.

Libra  September 23-October 23 Financial gain and material well-being are among the brighter prospects before you this day. There may be choices to make regarding these things, but the energies are positive for you moving in the right direction. There is much faith and optimism, as well as a yearning to explore all kinds of new horizons. Travel or continued education may open new doors of opportunity as well. Philosophical and cultural matters are likely to have special appeal for you. There is an issue of respect that may come into play this afternoon. The point is to listen first and then make decisions on your own assortment of information. You may find yourself teaching young people fair play this evening. Your basic good taste is exemplary--trust in your very own choices.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 You are wise to bide your time before giving an answer to whatever appears to be a problem-solving question today. There are harsh energies available that could leave you feeling emotionally blocked and frustrated, particularly if you are thinking emotionally. Pushing too hard with your own energies and stressing about an outcome may cause too many problems right now; waiting this energy out works well. Working within your own technical skills today will provide you with many opportunities to be productive. Job security rests in your professional relationships as well as your skills; go lightly through the day. This evening is a good evening to have dinner away from home, your treat. Music is a delightful addition to the evening.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 Your emotions are beginning to balance with the more sensitive and private areas of your life. Continue to slow down that urge you seem to have to push yourself so hard. This is a good day to take stock of where you are in your work, how much you have accomplished and how far you want to take this particular job. It may be time to ask for more responsibility or to ask for a raise. You do have a lot of energy for improving your surroundings or life situations. You are very motivated to learn new things and grow. You are rewarded today for your patience and your prudent investment plan; finally, budgeting and investing results are looking good. You may enjoy a good movie or book or feel like escaping from day-to-day realities this afternoon.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 You are a winner because you never consider failing. When you do make a mistake, you tend to take it as an opportunity to grow and learn. In the workplace you strive to see both sides of an issue and you may use your noon break to figure out resolutions to opposing views. It is important that you take some quiet time for yourself--this may mean a short drive or walk. Clearing your mind can actually bring new insights. There is a greater than usual interest in relationships, social connections and the arts--on a more intellectual level than in the past. Appearances and style may count more than substance. Finance and romance are a positive this evening. Romance, the arts and others of life's pleasures seem to take center stage this evening.

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Everything points to your taking a work project under control today. You could feel great support from those around you--there is encouragement as well as aid for whatever you decide to accomplish today. You will find yourself making decisions that affect others more than once this day. This may include you representing a group of employees or your input on new equipment, new techniques, or any number of faster and better ways of doing business. You could be called upon to use your compromising skills, especially where customer service is concerned. Co-workers seek you out for advice and by day's end you are ready for some relaxation. You can really enjoy the company of your loved one(s) tonight.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 Your career may be tied more to your appearance and how you come across to others. Networking may be the thing that opens new doors of opportunity for you now. You may find that success comes by concentrating on your outward manner--the way others see you. There is intellectual creativity and expressing yourself with flair is a fun activity. Beating the odds through cleverness is appealing and this may lead to an interest in all kinds of financial speculation. A lover or child who is bright and articulate plays a bigger role in your life. You are encouraged to guide and direct his or her education. You may be able to enjoy and value your own life situation or feel particularly kind toward a friend or loved one today.