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Sunday Horoscope August 28

Aries  March 21-April 19 A special project at home may keep you busy most of the day. Unconventional changes in your project may not be profitable at this time--keep your work consistent and practical. You may want to double your output so that you can sell your items at a nearby flea market. Later this afternoon you and a partner may decide to shop or invest in some new furniture or equipment that will make life a little easier. This may mean a new lawnmower or a fun swing for enjoying the out-of-doors. Again, it is important to do your research before acting too hastily and spending money that cannot be returned. You might take this opportunity to visit a bookstore and purchase a magazine or book that rates the item you want.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 This is a day when you feel exhausted from smiling and chatting and communicating without a break. This could mean you are enjoying a group vacation, but it may also mean that a group of you from work has gone to a seminar and it has turned into a group conference. Much will be gained from today no matter how you receive information. The exhausted feeling at the end of the day is from the constant input of information and confirmation. It is a good feeling to be helpful and it is also a good feeling to learn new and helpful things; particularly when it improves your life. A transition from high energy to a middle ground is called for before the evening meal and this might be obtained as you walk and listen to music through the earphones.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 Emotional security, a sense of belonging and nurturing are felt instinctively now. You want more stability and you may desire a sense of intimate connection that will last. It is time to talk about how you can place money aside for rainy days or travel dreams. Your close friends may have ideas in which you could save or invest, or take on a part-time job. Find ways in which your money will work for you, yet will be difficult to cash in quickly. This may take the skill of an advisor, so make plans to set an appointment and take a notepad. This will help you to reach your goals faster and you can look forward to travel, redecorating, education or early retirement. Your love relationship is improving and there is a sense of levity among family members this evening.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 There is a drive to explore; research and organize today and this may find you examining and working through some strong internal changes. Push too hard and you could become dominating; careful. Being more involved with neighbors or sibling(s) satisfies a need for communication and being involved with others and having friends, etc. You can show a great deal of compassion and understanding to the needs of others today. You may find yourself involved in sharing stories or experiences that can bring about much laughter. Your self-expression accommodates your particular way of thinking. You are a natural when it comes to finding the answer to some difficulty. This evening you enjoy time spent with family members.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 Taking a look at your options in the workplace--you may decide it is time to put in for a better job. Plot your path for next week and determine to make moves that will help you improve your job situation and then list three things you can do at the beginning of the week to start the process. This may involve updating your resume or visiting the personnel department. You may decide that education is the key to where you want to go--check it out. Some family matters need your attention today and problem-solving techniques are easy for you to teach. Teaching your family how to ask the right questions and problem solutions will show you just how much you can teach adults in the working world. A family garden is a developing topic this evening.

Leo  July 23-August 22 This is a great time to be with others--to play or work together in some shared project. Part of this day is filled with opportunities to be with some intriguing people. This could mean a project in a religious setting or in a community volunteer group. There may be talk of some unique way to bring in some funds for this community group. You might even be asked to perform in a short movie that would be part of advertising the need for funds. Spend time this evening in preparing for your workweek ahead . . . there may be travel at short notice or visitors in your home. Whatever happens should have all your attention and that can happen if you are prepared with food and clothing for next week. There is time this evening to read a story to a small person.

Libra  September 23-October 23 An early worship service may have you hopping out of bed early this morning . . . perhaps you will make a music presentation or perhaps you are the one doing the teaching. Whatever the case, all will go well and you will be pleased with the results of your hard work. If you are in community surroundings and your presentation is more on the level of bringing people together in the community, your thinking is on the right path. Family members want a pet and if you are not in the pet sort of mood, you might suggest the programs that many of the zoos have where people can adopt an animal. In some programs, a little money will let you name the animal. Your light-hearted attitude may encourage some fun interaction with family members tonight.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 Your work or career is in real harmony with the rest of your life and you enjoy the interactions with professional acquaintances as well as your personal friends. Phone calls from co-workers are as welcome as your close friends and family. You never seem to meet a stranger and you are friendly to all. Your persuasive abilities prevail and others listen to your line of thinking. Today may be a good time for a group gathering at a nearby food emporium or park if the weather allows, and a little group sports may follow. Young people enjoy your presence and a sense of fair play and sharing is a password that will get a person into your little group of merry people. At home this afternoon you may use that extra energy of yours to rearrange your living area.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You move past appearances in an effort to get beneath or behind any situation that comes to your attention today. You may find the occult, psychology, initiation and mysticism of great interest--perhaps a psychic fair would be fun. You are constantly involved in personal change and inner growth as a lifelong habit. Everything conspires to reveal you at your most elegant today, particularly in situations that find you with groups of people. Homeward bound! With you, the domestic scene is ideal. Marriage, children, animals or gardening is where someone can find you this afternoon. You like to feel secure and enjoy a little nurturing. Of course, when it comes to nurturing, you can dish it out as well. Listening to music with loved ones can be enjoyed tonight.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 Emotional considerations may block how you proceed with a project today. Sometimes an opportunity to work on a project when you have a day that is suitable my also have to be flexible when friends or family are present. If your project means safety or better conditions in the home or transportation you could make a list and then work down through the list. However, if the project is a work bench and the other person needs medical attention, then you can see which is most important. Situations at home may not be all you expected but know that everyday is different and brings with it joys as well as problems. You are learning to move a little more easily through your life and you teach others to do the same; the result is positive.

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Everything points to your taking the initiative in a family or love partner's activities. You are the inspiration and driving force in the lives of others. A born coach or teacher, you are at home in the physical and doing areas of life. You are quite able to manage a very active and strong emotional life. Strong spirit, attractive, direct, perhaps loud--you are also driven to excel in any form of physical and creative expression--sports, theatrics, arts and crafts, whatever. This urge to express yourself, to speak out and be heard, propels you into many an interesting situation. Communicating and getting your message across to others is positive and successful. Your timing should be perfect and those around you should find you most passionate.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 Interaction with co-workers can be fun today. If you are not working, you may be in a sports competition with another team or at a work picnic. Your co-worker friends will find you most spontaneous, full of energy and agreeable to most anything. There is the possibility of new visions or sudden insights into your self-image or into your ideals and dreams. A co-worker friend becomes closer and may become a good advisor for you so that you can learn new ways to achieve and move up the corporate ladder. There are breakthroughs in compassion and communion. The mind simply cannot focus on misery when it is flooded with the desire to heal and make happy; you are positive and mentally geared for success.