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Friday Horoscope September 23

Aries  March 21-April 19 You have a great deal of luck today in business as well as personal relationships. You may be able to enjoy and value your own life situation. You will find the resources you require at hand plus the necessary instruction in how to use them. You may find yourself as a go-between with others. You could even have a special gift for spanning the generation gap, bringing old and young spirits together. Quick answers, great wit and a surplus of insights and solutions are at the ready. You write and communicate with real originality. Inventions and breakthroughs are possible. All sorts of plans can be formed for the weekend now--fishing, camping, flea markets, etc. Close relationships take on more emotional depth now.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 You are independent, confident and more than likely more than a little self-centered. You love attention and somehow manage to gravitate to the center of almost any group or happening. A round table discussion in the workplace today might as well have an orchestra present. You conduct the meeting successfully and in a well-organized manner--much is accomplished. Others accept you and they sense you are a leader and they admire your regal manner. Friendships are in a state of transformation at this time--old ones are either recharged or else they come to an end; new ones are formed. Fate seems to bring your friends to you and they bless you. Your inner resources and emotions are accented now. Expect a sense of good will.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 After work today, your friends may want to include you in their activities. You may be helping someone move or become involved in some form of team sports. Your appetite for action is probably well known and well noted. Sports, outdoor activities and everything physical are high on your list of favorites. Feelings are something you express with ease and you appreciate others doing the same. Today it would be better to try and separate feelings from the practical side of reasoning. Although you are widening your work skills and improving the earning potential, you may want to remain frugal with finances. There could be a feeling of false security and you could spend excessively. Romance and other things that tug at the heart strings come your way.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 You can look forward to an old debt being paid; new opportunities are obtainable. Put work aside, or be willing to take interruptions today. Your no-nonsense, practical approach makes subjects like the unity of life, ideals and dreamy stuff hard for you to take. However, your dreams and ideals are very important to you and you methodically go about putting them into practice. You are beginning a time that will work in your favor for any area of improvement you want to work on now. Pick and choose--this is a good time for starting a diet, beginning an educational class, starting a creative hobby, etc. A young family member needs your attention this evening. Try not to be too quick with your answers--this person may just want to talk.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 New means of self-expression and communication can be enjoyed today. You will take every opportunity to learn and upgrade your working expertise now. Although conflict between you and a co-worker is short lived, you create new ways to learn and grow from the experience. This afternoon you share new ideas about fair play. You may find yourself wanting to change your appearance or deciding a move toward the more unconventional and less traditional. A shopping expedition with a young person tonight can be lots of fun--especially if you do not try to accomplish too much in one trip. Careful--this young person may have some out of the ordinary ideas about their own personal purchases. There is a sense of support and harmony this evening.

Leo  July 23-August 22 Change is the main action in the workplace today. Others may be moving to a new office or new furniture could be moved into the office where you are working. You adapt easily and help others through any necessary changes. People count on you for a sense of support and good will. Your inner resources and emotions are accented. Careful--do not overdo your nurturing abilities--someone could get the wrong idea--or be lead in the wrong direction. You are the eternal patron of just about anyone who will let you look after them--the mother hen. You need to feel useful and wanted and are never happy unless you are active and involved. Consider a volunteer service or an herb garden. Always the host, you find yourself caring and taking care of others.

Libra  September 23-October 23 This calm day should find everything running smoothly. You can demonstrate great understanding and compassion to the needs of others. When difficult people come to your attention, you know just how to intervene and smooth out any negative situations. You are able to handle delicate matters today without ever breaking stride. You love a full social life and relationships with all kinds of people, partners, marriages, teachers and such. A volunteer service would be very important to you. You like to feel needed but you also like to create opportunities for others to grow and learn. This might take the form of handicapped sports, etc. Your friends want to play this evening and you will enjoy their company. Romance is in the air!

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 You are tuned in and turned on to big business today. Higher-ups want a special performance from you and you know just how best to please them. You will feel more and more confident and outgoing--a sense of confidence that grows stronger with each passing day. This next period is one of action and embarking on new professional projects. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best. Your analytical abilities are at a high point. You gain from working with others today. Tonight, however, is family night! Your loved ones have shown great patience lately regarding work-related problems--you are willing to show your appreciation. There could be an interest in a movie, dinner out or some other entertainment.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 You enjoy working with your mind and your sharp perceptions make finding new solutions easy. Today your occupation seems to be with puzzles. This afternoon you may be expected to do your share in helping with a new work project. Co-workers enjoy interacting with you--time flies. You always bring an unexpected twist or insight to whatever you set your mind to do. You are able to teach or help others to be more original when it comes to the words or thoughts they use. Be careful not to correct others too often. You can use the mind in original ways and probably have excellent eye-hand coordination. Your laser-like mind makes conversations fast-paced and illuminating. You will join the family for dinner this evening--bring your sense of humor along.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 You and your co-workers may compete at work with word games today, perhaps while you operate machinery or add up numbers, etc. This is a little friendly competition and will increase your vocabulary and expertise at the game Scrabble. Keep alert and attentive while working with tools and when problem solving. It is time to improve your health by taking a look at your habits. Ask yourself if your habits hinder or aid you in your life progress. Again, separate your mind from your feelings and you will find answers quickly. If you are not married, you may find a new love soon. You are happiest when your love partner comes from the same life style that you enjoy. If you have children, you will want to tend to some special needs in education.

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 Dealing with money in sound, well-balanced ways is an important lesson to master and you could be teaching others this lesson today. It may be time to set up a budget for family members. Be wise in your choice of words if you are teaching--stay away from criticisms if you can. You sometimes have difficulty expressing your emotions and tend to say things that are unrelated to reality. You could blurt out words that do not really describe a particular situation well enough to initiate a positive change. One secret is to think about what you want to say before you say it and ask yourself if you think it fits or if it deserves further explanation. Be wise to discourage gossip this evening. A friend wants to tell you a story. Smile and excuse yourself.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 As you entertain young people today, you exhibit the qualities of great speakers or entertainers. At the very least, the gift of gab is highlighted. Working with or teaching others and communicating via the mind in general are indicated. You can take a subject that others may not be interested in, especially the young, and turn it into an adventure worth experiencing. As a natural storyteller, you are at home in the world of myths and dreams. Your sense of insight, when it comes to matters of literary and intellectual taste, is very refined. You could write poetry or prose and you put a very high value on the written word. You enjoy all forms of communication and may be very skilled at speaking. Use your talent to earn a little extra money.