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Friday Horoscope September 16

Aries  March 21-April 19 There could be some worry about not being useful or being left out of the scheme of things today. This can be eased by jumping in with both feet and putting your thoughts into action. This is a time to take risks and dare to be a little unconventional. You will prosper through new insights and an independent point of view. Your career could open up now--keep your ears and eyes open so that you do not miss some important opportunity. You will come to experience wonderful new feelings of strength and energy because of your constantly positive attitude. You have a great talent of keeping centered and would do well to teach others how to do the same; especially loved ones or friends. A new pet or an old pet with a new toy is a laugh a minute this evening.

Virgo  August 23-September 22 Continuing to push at the edge of your limits can wear you down. Connections with business associates and attending meetings or conferences can put you in a solid position regarding your career. Take a break to rejuvenate and reflect, giving you a fresh perspective in the midst of hard work--strive for balance. You pay loving attention to details and you have a sense of satisfaction in doing what is right. These qualities are commendable and higher-ups pay attention to how you handle the professional side of your life. You are able to grasp and appreciate new trends and concepts at the very forefront of technology. You enjoy interactions with family members. A new item of technology may keep you busy this evening.

Taurus  April 20-May 20 The energies are working in your favor in all areas of your life now. If you are not a boss or owner of a company, you might consider requesting a raise or promotion. You naturally gravitate toward positions of power and authority. Others see you with great practical ability and will accept you as a leader or authority figure very easily. You value fairness and will go out of your way to be just. You have an innate sense of how to work with and guide others in making decisions. You understand the choices and can spot the right ones quickly. You may be able to complete some of those projects that have been left hanging these past few days. Communication with superiors is positive this afternoon. There is time for a loved one tonight.

Gemini  May 21-June 21 You may not appreciate the emotional energy of someone you meet today--patience. You may be in the mood for penetrating conversations or thoughts, especially with a close friend during the noon break. Your efforts really pay off and things seem to run smoothly. This afternoon you take a little more time to become better organized. You are able to bring overdue tasks into completeness. Things seem to fall into place and progress is easy. Be careful not to overextend or take on more than you can comfortably handle just now. Uplifting and supportive energy from friends and peers helps to confirm your aims for the future. This is the time to set new plans in motion that will help you to expand and deepen relationships of all kinds.

Cancer  June 22-July 22 You may catch yourself daydreaming several times today. Be particularly vigilant when signing contracts or performing duties that are made up of little details. You may have a hard time being clearheaded right now. Thoughts and ideas that come into your head may be misleading. Give yourself time to think things through and refrain from making rash decisions, including those that pertain to money. Eat light meals today and find a way to insert some exercise activity into your day--perhaps a long walk. Make it a point to get outside this afternoon. Look for the funny side of life and laugh as much as possible. Visiting with neighbors or friends is enjoyable this evening. This evening, music or a comedy movie on DVD may put a smile on your face.

Leo  July 23-August 22 This could be a challenging day, but one where much can be accomplished. You may have decided to get more education, take or give lectures or improve your writing skills, etc. Whatever the case, this is a good time to involve yourself in new projects. It is also a good time to expand your knowledge or to teach others. Don't be afraid to project that image--make those dreams real. Ideas of group cooperation could further your career. Circumstances may urge you to great effort and hard work. Things are working with rather than against you so do not hold back. However, do not overdo and try to go too far, too fast--let things take their natural course. You attach more importance to friendships and taking part in group activities that center on idealistic goals now.

Libra  September 23-October 23 You could find it difficult to be appreciative of others at this time. This may not be the best time to shop or choose colors, etc. You may not find much support for your particular tastes and values. There is a period of creativity regarding research and problem-solving quandaries in the workplace. If you have not noticed, the more you stay involved in creative activities such as some forms of art or writing, you will keep an open flow of action and business in the workplace; creative thinking. You gain recognition for your cleverness and your financial speculation. You may find yourself succeeding and moving ahead by using your mind and thoughts. Also, communication and research in all forms could be a key area for career growth.

Scorpio  October 24-November 21 Before you act on your new idea today, consider your sources. Make sure that the reason for this new idea is still a sound one after you have checked the facts. When it comes to mental work, you have a perfect gift for research and investigation. You enjoy examining and analyzing, particularly when it comes to psychological areas of the mind. Your ability to sift through the debris and come up with what is essential every time is exceptional. You like to discuss and communicate--always at a psychological and very personal level. Your career always seems to get the support you need. This area of your life certainly runs smoother than you ever expected. You seem to understand what the public wants. Mass marketing could be a natural for you.

Sagittarius  November 22-December 21 There could be communication difficulty with another person today--perhaps a customer. You solve problems and create excellent goodwill. You know that if you are not mentally stimulated you feel stagnant. Use the situations coming up now as opportunities for using your problem-solving abilities. You may end up being grateful for the confusing energies that are coming to you now. There is much progress! Your emotions are very present but within control. You may feel like exercising or getting out during the noon hour. Nothing could disturb your good feelings this evening after you realize you have made a positive difference. Love, ideals and a strong sense of your own worth are vital to your well-being and your ability to function well.

Capricorn  December 22-January 19 This is a time during which circumstances bend to your will and things have a way of working out smoothly. There are real opportunities to complete and work out difficulties and projects that require both long-term effort and a high degree of discipline. You have to give something in order to get something: that's the message you need to take to heart now and it can be a beneficial one. Investments can start small and grow beyond your wildest dreams--be on the lookout for these opportunities; some of them may not be so obvious at the outset. Real insight into your own inner workings or psychology could surface today and in a manageable form. You may be in the mood for deep and penetrating conversations this evening.

Aquarius  January 20-February 18 You need to live in an ordered environment, whether it is work, school or a home situation. You can become frustrated when too many different subjects grab your attention. You can give the current subject matter attention now and still keep future ideas handy. By writing out a plan or keeping notes on each subject you can return to them at will--perhaps a notebook or a 3x5 file box, adding information as you go along. When the time is right for you to become involved in one of the subjects, the research will be handy. Learning methods of planning and organization can be picked up from all sorts of self-help books, but one good method is to take a class in some management skills. There are some family photo opportunities this evening.

Pisces  February 19-March 20 You may be especially dynamic and assertive just now. There is a lot of energy and drive available for whatever you want to accomplish. You could be most persuasive with others and find that the ideas or feelings you have will get a better reception. The situation creates opportunities for self-expression. There has been an increase in your physical and mental energies recently, giving you a boost in your self-confidence. You may feel ready to conquer anything put in front of you. You are appreciative of your own life and self, in general. Wait a while longer before purchasing new electronic products--a hard-to-resist sale may tempt you, however, avoid the temptation--new and better products are on the horizon.